Village In Cental Aceh Pays Tribute To UKM For Aid

acehBy Abdul Razak Hussin
Photo Shahiddan Saidi

CENTRAL ACEH, INDONESIA, May 22 2015 – Villagers of Changduri, in the district of Central Aceh, Aceh in Indonesia have shown their appreciation to The National University of Malaysia (UKM) for help in restoring a  building that was the main focus of the residents of the area.

The acknowledgement was given at a handing-over ceremony of a surau funded by UKM and other generaous Malaysians, here on 20th April.

“Thank you very much to UKM and thank you to Malaysia,” was spoken with great emotion by the village community leaders of Changduri.

Apart from them and the local residents, also present were Abdul Razak Hussin, Coordinator of The UKM Humanitarian Mission in Central Aceh, Abdullah Abdul Wahab, Deputy Coordinator of the mission, Mohd Tajuddin Abd Rahim of UKM’s Zakat Unit and Shahiddan Saidi, the photographer for the Corporate Communication Center.

The restoration of the surau, which was also used as a madrasah and community center, was an initiative by UKM and other Malaysians, following the devastating earthquake that hit Aceh Province on July 2nd  2013.

The disaster left nearly 40 people dead and destroyed hundreds of homes, public facilities including schools and three mosques, while a village slid into a river at the foot of the mountains.

UKM which mobilised donations from outside and inside the campus, not only provided immediate relief, but also help rebuild the surau that was used for various communal activities.

The prayer hall which can accomadate 200 worshippers was rebuilt by local residents after a donation drive by UKM netted  RM130,000 or Rp 450 million.

The villagers also requested that UKM thank all the donors and benefactors in Malaysia.