Warm response To FSK’s Career Carnival

By Saiful Bahri Kamaruddin
Pix Saidi Shahiddan

KUALA LUMPUR, August 1, 2015 – Secondary school leavers have been  urged to seize the opportunity to continue their education at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK) of the National University of Malaysia (UKM)

This is because UKM’s FSK pioneered this field and is currently the leading faculty in the country, said Chairman of the UKM Board of Directors Dato’ Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad when launching the ‘Let’s Go To FSK’ carnival’ here today.

He said, students interested in the field of medical analysis technology should make the right choice by selecting UKM as the place to continue their studies at either first degree or post-graduate levels.

“At this faculty you will be prepared to become professionals in the health sciences with the guidance of the lecturers who have qualifications and expertise in their respective fields of specialization.

“Since its inception in 1992,  the faculty continues to progress and FSK has achieved many milestones and accolades either at national or at international level. FSK’s success as a leader in the field of health sciences in our country has made it the benchmark for other universities in Malaysia when they wanted to establish their own faculties of health sciences,” Dr Ibrahim explained.

Also present at the ceremony was the Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali, the respective deputy vice-chancellors Prof Datuk Ir Dr Riza Atiq Abdullah OK rahmat (Academic and International Affairs), Prof Dr Imran Ho Abdullah (Industry and Community Partnetship and FSK Dean Prof Dr Siti Zamratul Mai Sarah Mukari.

Earlier, Prof Siti Zamratul, in her opening remarks, told the 250 secondary school students in attendance that the fields of health sciences such as audiology, Bio-Medicine, Optometry, Dietetics, and forensic sciences are  indispensable to laboratories and hospitals to identify the cause of illness and medical analysis.

“About 85% to 90% of FSK graduates get jobs after graduation, ahead of everyone else.

“Most  audiologist or experts in hearing, and optometrists or experts in vision, are graduates of UKM,” Prof Siti Zamratul pointed out.

According toer UKM pioneered those fields and successfully conducted a shift of physician-only services to health science professionals on demand.

School students who visited the carnival came from day schools , centres for foundation of Science and matriculation courses from all over peninsular Malaysia.

The event included an exhibition with booths set up by staff and undergraduates which highlighted the various areas of specializations at FSK.ukmnewsportal-eg