Young Lecturers Adviced to Enhance Knowledge

By Radzuan Ghazali
Pix Muhammad Izwan Azman

BANGI, 26 August 2016 – Young lecturers are advised to take the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in their area of specialisation so that it can be used as modules in their teaching and learning at the university, said Prof. Datuk Dr. Baharuddin Yatim.

Prof. Baharuddin, who taught at the School of Physics and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, said that young lecturers must be active in exploring on matters pertaining to their respective research fields, as well as teaching and learning skills in order for them to understand and apprehend the goals of the university and the needs of their students.

He was speaking at a Distinguished Public Lecture entitled “The Recollections of UKM” in UKM, recently.

Prof. Baharuddin took the audience down the memory lane of his 46 years of service with UKM on his last day as a lecturer. He had been in various posts during the four decades of his service. He stated his career in UKM as a young tutor before he was promoted to various posts.

“I believe what I had gone through was a normal process for all academicians who serve the universities.

“I am sure and strongly believe that UKM will soar high up and sit among the best, be it locally as well as international”, he said.

Also present at the lecture were Faculty of Science and Technology Dean, Prof. Dr.Shahrim Ahmad, the Chairperson of Centre for Physics and Applied Science, Prof. Dr. Supian Samat, Emarita Professor Datuk Dr. Maslan Othman, lecturers and other guests.ukmnewsportal-eg