Tithes help UKM students in need of financial support

FRIDAY, 03 SEPTEMBER 2010 17:33

By Abdul Razak Hussin

BANGI, 3 September, 2010 – The UKM Tithes Endowment Fund (Tazukm) has given out a total of RM746,430 to 1,175 of its poor and needy students this year up to August.

Tazukm has been appointed as assistant tithes collector for the Selangor Tithes Board since Dec 2005 managing payments of tithes of UKM staff through monthly deductions as well as over the counter payments or by cheques.

Its Chairman, Mohd Abd Rashid Mohd Fadzil,who is also UKM’S Bursar said a total of 1,213 UKM staff are paying their zakat totalling RM194,000 a month through Tazukm. In addition a number of corporate bodies and others are also paying their zakat through Tazukm from time to time.

Mohd Abd Rashid  said this at an Appreciation and Breaking of Fast  at Puri Pujangga here last night. He said Tazukm is always willing to help students in need of financial assistance.

With the availability of such assistance there should not be any excuse by UKM students of slacking in their studies due to financial difficulties, Mohd Abd Rashid said.

He said that help can be rendered to such students on a continuous basis from the zakat collected from the staffs of UKM as well as contributions from corporate bodies channeled through Tazukm.

The corporate bodies feted included MayBank Islamic Berhad, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, the Government Officers Housing Company, the Kolej Islam Malaysia Trustees and the Selangor Zakat Board.

At the function several poor students and those who are converts were given cash assistance from the various corporations.

Mohd Abd Rashid  said collection and ditribution of the zakat were being done above board according to the guidelines and criteria set by the Selangor Zakat Board. Representatives of the Board were also consulted in the operations.

Financial assistance managed by Tazukm includes payments of fees and/or cost of living of the students, medical treatment and emergencies as well as financing some activities of the student bodies.

Mohd Abd Rashid  while thanking the corporate bodies hope others would also contribute to Tazukm.