Master M Medicine

Master M Medicine

Secretariat of Postgraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

Research mode programme is conducted primarily through research works under supervision by academic faculty members to produce a full thesis at the end of the programme. It is a broad-based postgraduate degree designed to allow students to pursue research topics in a range of areas and disciplines within the scope of Medical Science. The research mode enables candidates to acquire the ability to think analytically and have a good understanding of his/her chosen field of study.

Master of Medical Science
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Full-Time  : 4 – 6 Semesters (Maximum)
Part-Time : 6 – 8 Semesters (Maximum)

*** International Students : Full-Time Only

Throughout the Academic Year


  1. Bachelor degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or from any other university recognized by the Senate; OR
  2. Other relevant professional qualifications or experience recognized as equivalent by the Senate; AND
  3. Local and international candidates must apply through the Centre for Academic Management UKM and Centre for Educational Extension, UKM respectively; AND
  4. Must also show proof of good financial standing for the entire period of the course. Candidates must have their own medical protection and health insurance policy cover.

Programme Structure
Students enrolled in research mode will spend most of their time on research activities. For students in the mixed mode programme, the programme is designed such that in the first year, students are able to gain further knowledge by attending lecture-based modules. At the end of the first year, students are encouraged to identify and discuss potential projects for the research component and to meet up with supervisors. Students would begin their laboratory-based work as soon as possible at the beginning of the second year. All students are required to complete the ‘Research Methodology’ course in the beginning of the study. The Bahasa Melayu language course is compulsory for all international students.

Students will be supervised by the faculty members for their research component. For research mode, applicants are required to approach and seek potential supervisor with matched research interest before applying for the study. Information regarding potential supervisors can be found at the faculty’s Secretariat of Research and Innovation website ( or the respective departmental website.

Graduation Requirement
Students are required to complete the following criteria in order to be considered for graduation

  • Published 1 WOS indexed article
  • Completed compulsory courses
    • Research Methodology course for all students
    • Bahasa Melayu language course for all international students
  • Passed viva exam and submitted revised thesis
  • Presentation of research findings: at least one conference

Career Prospects
Diverse career opportunities are available in academia, research, industry, government and many other areas.