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Tun Hussein Onn Residence

Quick Facts

Tun Hussein Onn College was formerly known as Kamsis (Kampung Siswa) Dato ’Onn II until 1990, then changed its name to Kamsis Tun Hussein Onn. In line with the restructuring this Kamsis was later known as the Tun Hussein Onn College.

The use of the name Tun Hussein Onn is due to his involvement in the military as well as his contribution as a fighter for the dignity of the nation. Therefore, the use of the name Tun Hussein Onn is very appropriate for this college which is the residential college of the Reserve Officer Training Team (PALAPES).

Disabilities Student Facility

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is committed to fulfilling the rights and safeguarding the needs of students, staff and visitors with Disabilities (PWDs) in gaining full access to an inclusive learning system, work environment and campus life free from barriers and discrimination

Life At Residence

Please refer to the Residential College Guidelines.

Residential College Guidelines is a general rule for all residential colleges in UKM. Please refer to the respective residential colleges for more detailed rules.


  1. Wifi
  2. Discussion Room
  3. Mini Library
  4. Laundry
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Surau
  7. Sports Facilities
  8. Student Room
  9. Treatment Room
  10. Library
  11. Photostat Shop
  12. Self -Service Laundry
  13. Badminton court
  14. Seminar Room
  15. Student Store

Moving in

  1. Notice related to application and confirmation is issued by Student Housing Centre.
  2. Students need to make an application and confirmation within the time set by the University.
  3. Students will be registered in the Student Information System (SMP) on the day of students registration.
  4. Acquire the requirements provided such as:
    • Room key;
    • Basic room facility inventory form;
    • Other requirements set by the residential college.
  5. Inspect the facility, fill out the form and submit it at the residential college counter.

Guest House

Tun Hussein Onn College does not offer Guest Houses for visitors.



Apartment Room

Guest House

Room rates

Malaysia StudentsInternational Students
Dormitory – RM3.50/day
Flatlet – RM5.00/day
Apartment Room – RM5.00/day
Dormitory – RM7.00/day
Flatlet – RM8.50/day
Apartment Room – RM7.50/day
Dormitory – RM6.00/day
Flatlet – RM7.50/day
Apartment Room – RM7.50/day
Flatlet – RM12.00/day
Apartment Room – RM11.00/day

How to apply

  1. Conditions to Be Entitled to In-Campus Accommodation:
    • Please refer to the UKM Residential College Guidelines here
  2. Guideline to Make A College Accommodation Reservation
    • Application must be made through the website:
    • for undergraduate and postgraduate student applications.
    • for the appeal of undergraduate or postgraduate students who were not successful with accommodation application.

Residential College Guidelines


Without prejudice to any other provisions in the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971, UKM Constitution, statutes, rules and regulations of the University, a student who is provided with accommodation at a residential college shall comply with these Residential College Guidelines.

Violation of any of the provisions of the Residential College Guidelines by the student may be subject to disciplinary action, or disciplinary punishment directly under the UKM (Discipline of Students) Rules 1999.

  1. Placement of students in residential college is a FACILITY provided to students according to the availability of accommodation.
  2. Students will not be offered a placement at a residential college if they are found violating the provisions of the Residential College Guidelines.
  3. First year undergraduate students for each session are COMPULSORY to register and stay at the residential college in semester one and semester two.
  4. Students of Year Two and above must apply and confirm their application to stay at the residential college.
  5. Students of Year Two and above who have applied for a residential college must remain at the college for a full semester.
  6. Students must obtain written permission from the principal if they want to leave the Residential College before the end of a semester and the payment of accommodation fee will not be refunded. Refer to Treasurer’s Circular Bill 11/2017.
  7. Students who wish to transfer to another college (within a semester) must obtain permission from the management of the residential colleges involved.
  8. The basic facilities of the room provided are bed, mattress, wardrobe, study desk, study chair, notice board, towel hanger and bookshelf.
  9. Any offense related to the residential college guidelines may result in the student being subjected to disciplinary action including not being allowed to stay at the college. The list of prohibitions is as in Appendix 1.
Application & Conformation
  1. All students must apply and confirm their accommodation offer for the next session at the end of each second semester. Students who fail to confirm within the allotted time, is considered rejecting the offer.
  2. Students who have accepted the offer, then canceled are subject to the fine rate as set out in Table 3.
  3. Students who reject the offer but re-apply (for the same college) will be fined as stipulated in Table 3.
  4. The guidelines for application and confirmation of residence at the residential college are as in Appendix 3.
  5. Students who are not offered an accommodation can write an appeal to the student housing centres and residential colleges.
  1. Students who have confirmed the offer must register for key collection at the residential college counter during office hours.
  2. Students who have registered in a residential college are charged a fee as set out in Table 1.
  3. Students are responsible for all payments on accommodation.
  4. Students who fail to pay the accommodation fee are considered indebted to the University and may be subject to restrictions imposed by the University including:
    • Withholding of the registration for college studies and accommodation for the next semester;
    • Withholding of examination results;
    • Withholding of transcripts and scrolls; and
    • Prohibition of attending convocation ceremony.
  5. Students staying at the residential college during the semester break must fulfill the payment of the accommodation fee upon returning the keys or at least one (1) week after returning the keys. Any unpaid payment is considered a debt to the University and may be subject to actions as per item of 4.4.
  6. Accommodation registration guidelines for new students and students of Year Two and above are as in Appendix 3
Expiration of Accomodation
  1. Students must vacate the room on the last date of the academic session set by the University.
  2. When vacating a room, students must:
    • Ensure the cleanliness of the room
    • Take home personal belongings;
    • Items left behind are considered unnecessary and will be disposed;
    • Ensure all electrical switches are closed before leaving the room;
    • Students must return the room keys to the staff at the residential college counter during office hours;
    • Students who fail to return the room key will be fined according to the daily rate as stated in Table 1;
    • Students who lose their keys will be fined as stated in Table 3.
Out of Semester Accommodation
  1. If a student needs an accommodation at the residential college after the expiration date, he/she is required to apply residency at the residential college for the required period.
The Authority For Room Inspection
  1. College Management can enter and inspect a student’s room at any time.
  2. Fellow Resident with the permission of the College Management may enter and inspect the student’s room at any time.
  3. During the inspection at the residential college, the authorized party who has obtained permission from the College Management is:
    • Allowed to bring with him or her any other person to help him or her inspect.
    • Allowed to do room inspection of students of the opposite sex with the presence of another person of the same sex with the students whose rooms are being inspected.
  4. The resident student shall not do anything to prevent or prohibit an authorized person from entering the resident student’s room and carrying out his or her duties and responsibilities.
Noise Policy
  1. Students must comply with the noise policy at the residential college from 12.00 am to 6.00 am.
  2. Students who are found to be making any disturbance during the aforementioned time will be fined as set out in Table 3.
Basic Accomodation Facilities Inventory
  1. Students must check that the inventory of the property in the room is complete and in good condition, sign and return the form within the time frame set by the residential college.
  2. Students who fail to return the inventory form are considered to have confirmed the property in the room are complete and in good condition.
Damage Complaint
  1. Students must report any damage of the basic accommodation facilities to the residential college through the channels set by the residential college.
  2. If a student is found to have intentionally damaged the basic facilities provided, the student is required to pay a compensation according to the rate set by the University. Refer to Table 2.
  3. Students are responsible for maintaining the condition of the basic accommodation facilities provided by the University.
Cleanlines of Premise
  1. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.
  2. Students must use the residential college premises carefully. If found to be damaging, staining or causing any actions that further damage any part of the area or building or any object or equipment, the students will be fined as set out in Table 3.
  3. Students are not allowed to adhere posters, notices or any announcements in any part of the residential college except on the residential college notice board with the permission of the College Management.
The Wearing of Residential College Card
  1. Students must wear the college card while at the residential college.
  2. Students who lose their residential college card, misuse or fail to display it while dealing with the residential college management can be fined according to Table 3.
  3. Students must report the loss of the card to the administration of the residential college immediately.
Dress Code
  1. Students must dress neatly, clean and non-revealing while in the residential college area and the guidelines for the dress code are as in Appendix 2.
  2. A student may wear a purdah (face cover) on campus after obtaining written permission from the Vice Chancellor or any authorized personnel, except –
    • When asked to present themselves by the discipline authority of the University or any personnel authorized by the University;
    • While attending teaching and learning sessions including examinations;
    • While conducting experiments in the laboratory;
    • While attending an official event organized by the University or any party authorized by the University on or off campus; and
    • In any circumstances deemed appropriate and necessary by the University.
  3. A student may write an application for a special permission to wear a purdah by stating the reason for wearing it with supporting documents.
Vehicle Ownership and Stickers
  1. Students who own a motor vehicle must register and obtain a UKM vehicle sticker from the UKM Security Division.
  2. Students who own a motor vehicle must also register and obtain a residential college vehicle sticker at their respective residential colleges.
  3. Both vehicle stickers shall be affixed to the respective vehicle at all time.
  4. Violations of the above instructions are subject to fine as set out in Table 3.
  5. Students are prohibited from abandoning a vehicle.
Safety Procedure
  1. Students must always lock their respective rooms and any intrusion or theft due to negligence in doing so will be the responsibility of the students themselves.
  2. Students must report all incidents of intrusion or theft to the residential college and the UKM Security Division. The guidelines to prevent theft can be referred to in Appendix 3.
  3. Students can lodge a police report in the event of intrusion or theft.
  4. Students who violate item 16.1 may be fined as stipulated in Table 3.

Please contact the appropriate emergency line as follows.

i.Department of Development and Maintenance (Prasarana UKM): 03 – 8921 3333
ii.BOMBA (Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia)03 – 8925 4444 or directly dial 994
iii.Security Division :03 – 8921 444/4666
iv.Health Centre :03 – 8921 4555
v.Medical Officer On-Duty :012-6485541
vi.Police and Ambulance :999
vii.Civil Defense :991
vii.Mobile :112

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Operating Hours
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Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday – CLOSED


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