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Bachelor of Law with Honours


Faculty of Law, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has designed undergraduate programmes Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) as a recognised law degree to begin a career in the legal field. The courses have been designed to provide practical skills needed to succeed.

Students will learn about the legal system and the principles and theories behind it to develop the knowledge and skills needed for a successful legal career. Students will also be exposed to mooting and mock trials to provide students with a taste of what happens in a courtroom.

I Want to Apply

Applications for full time study programmes (STPM, Matriculation, STAM and Diploma/ Equivalent) must be submitted via Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education Online Application. Applications for studies in all the programmes offered are published in local newspapers between the month of January to April every year.

Application form for Malaysian students: http://upu.mohe.gov.my

Non-citizen and international student candidates who are interested in enrolling for the full time study programmes must submit their applications via UKM online application opened in February to May every year.

Application form for non-citizen and international students: Click here

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Please contact Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center at:

Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center (UKMSHAPE)
Level 2, Bangunan Wawasan
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi Selangor

Tel: +603-8921 5331/ 5642/ 5329/ 5898/ 3995/ 4661/ 5642/ 5791
Fax: +603-8925 1391
Email: marketingpkp@ukm.edu.my
Website: www.ukm.my/ukmshape

What You Will Learn
  • Law and Information Technology
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law I
  • Introduction to Malaysian Legal System I
  • Contract Law I
  • Professional Ethics
  • Academic Communication III
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law II
  • Introduction to Malaysian Legal System II
  • Contract Law II
  • Introduction to Islamic Law
  • Arabic I for Faculty of Law
  • Foundation on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • English for Law
  • Criminal Law I
  • Law of Tort I
  • Islamic Criminal Law
  • Islamic Family Law
  • Arabic II for Faculty of Law
  • Data Management & Analytic
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Criminal Law II
  • Family Law
  • Law of Tort II
  • Muamalat
  • Islamic and Asian Civilisation
  • Effective Job Search and Application
  • Jurisprudence
  • Public International Law I
  • Land Law I
  • Partnership and Company Law I
  • Equity and Trust I
  • Islamic Banking and Takaful
  • Project Paper
  • Public International Law II
  • Land Law II
  • Partnership and Company Law II
  • Equity and Trust II
  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Project Paper
  • Workplace Communication II
  • Practical Training
  • Criminal Procedure I
  • Civil Procedure I
  • Evidence Law I
  • Islamic Evidence and Syariah Procedure I
  • Professional Practice 1A (“Conveyancing”)
  • Professional Practice IB (Corporat & Property Management)
  • Legal Ethics
  • Criminal Procedure II
  • Civil Procedure II
  • Evidence Law II
  • Islamic Evidence and Syariah Procedure II
  • Professional Practice IIA (Negotiation and ADR)
  • Professional Practice IIB (Advocacy and Litigation)
  • Remedy
  • Environmental Law
  • Space Law
  • Labour Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sale of Good
  • Computer Law
  • Communication and Multimedia Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Banking Law
  • Cyber Law
  • International Transaction Law
  • Credit Law
  • Tourism Law
  • International Law and Indigenous People
  • Sports Development Law
  • Law and Society
  • Nuclear Law
  • Law of the Sea
  • Sports Law
  • Nuclear Law
Life at Faculty

UKM is one of the oldest public universities in Malaysia and was awarded Research University status by the Malaysian Government in 2007. To ensure international recognition, Faculty of Law has collaborated with partner universities from Asia, and Europe to offer Summer Mobility Programmes and jointly research. Our facilities are ready and designated to fulfilled interest to doing research and study with comfort.

Faculty Information

Campus : Bangi, Selangor
Faculty : Faculty of Law
Degree : Bachelor of Law with Honours
Length : 4 Years 

Faculty of Law
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Tel:  +603 89216820/ 6355
Fax: +603 89253217
Email: mhkh@ukm.edu.my
Web: www.ukm.my/fuu

Contact Us

Centre for Academic Management
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

Tel: +603 89118173/ 8027/ 8456
Fax: +603 89118471
Email: admission_ppa@ukm.edu.my
Web: www.ukm.my/akademik

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