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Food Science and Nutrition Programme

Food and life cannot be separated. Nutritious and high quality food is not only important for the development of a country with healthy people but is also a competitive factor in the global economy and further increases national income. The Food Science and Nutrition program combines aspects of food science and aspects of nutrition. Food science focuses on the production, processing, preservation, marketing and quality of food. Nutrition focuses on food intake and nutrient use. The combination of these two aspects can produce nutritious and quality food products in a planned and dynamic manner.

Major courses

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Career Prospects


Prof. Ts Dr Mohamad Yusof Bin Maskat

Food Processing Technology

Prof. Ts Dr Wan Aida Binti Wan Mustapha

Functional Foods, Food Analysis and Chemistry

Prof. Dr Sahilah Binti Abd Mutalib

Halal Science, Food Microbiology

Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr Saiful Irwan Bin Zubairi

Chemical Engineering and Food Processing

Assoc. Prof. Dr Lim Seng Joe

Functional Foods, Food Analysis and Chemistry

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shazrul Fazry Bin Sa`ariwijaya

Food Molecular Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Dr Zalifah Binti Mohd Kasim

Community Nutrition, Sensory Evaluation of Foods

Dr Salma Binti Mohamad Yusop

Meat Technology, Sensory Evaluation

Dr Norlida Binti Mat Daud

Nutritional Biochemistry (

Dr Arnida Hani Binti Teh


Dr Hafeedza Binti Abd Rahman

Phytochemistry and Metabolomics

Dr Noor Soffalina Binti Sofian Seng

Food Emulsion, Lipid Technology (

Ts. Dr Noorul Syuhada Binti Mohd Razali

Food Packaging, Shelf Life

Dr Haslaniza Binti Hashim

Food Deacidification and Processing

Dr Nurul Aqilah Binti Mohd Zaini

Food Biotechnology, Fermentation Technology

Dr Mohamed Yusuf Bin Mohamed Nazir

Microbial Biotechnology and Fermentation Technology

Dr Nurfatimah Binti Mohd Thani

Food Engineering

Entry requirements

General requirement:

  1. Complete 12 years of Primary and High School education; and
  2. Obtain High School (e.g. Higher Secondary Certificate, Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate, Tawjihiyah, Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas, High School Diploma); and
  3. Meet minimum English requirement set by faculty; and
  4. Pass UKM interview (if required) ; and
  5. Meet faculty specific requirement;

Specific programme requirement:

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