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Physics Programme

Physics is a field of science that studies the properties, motion, behaviour, force and energy of matter. Physics uncovers the hidden laws that govern and explain the orderliness of the universe, from the behaviour of particles to the life cycle of stars scattered in our night sky. By studying Physics, the students will be competent and skilled in putting to use knowledge of physics in a scientific and professional manner commensurate with the demand of development in contemporary time.

The Physics Programme evolved from the former Physics Department, when the faculty was then called the Faculty of Science (FS). The Physics Department was one of the earliest departments established, together with the establishment of UKM itself in Mei 1970. In 1983, the department was then under the Faculty of Applied Physics (FSFG). In the year 1999, FSFG together with three other faculties merged to form a single faculty, namely the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). Now, under the new restructuring of FST, the Physics Program is one of the three Programs in the Department of Applied Physics (JFG).

Major courses​

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Career Prospects

Core lecturers

Prof. Dato' Dr. Roslan bin Abd Shukor

High Temperature superconductors, Low Temperature Physics

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Baa'yah binti Ibrahim

Magnetic Thin Film (

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hafizuddin bin Hj Jumali

Materials Physics, X-ray Diffraction

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Chi Chin

Organic electronics and thin films (

Head of Programme

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Adlyka binti Ainul Annuar

Astronomy and Astrophysics (

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nurul Shazana binti Abdul Hamid

Space weather, Earth's Ionosphere, Geomagnetic field, Earthquake analysis, Fractal analysis

Dr. Rozidawati binti Awang

Plasma thin film technology (

Dr. Zalita binti Zainuddin

Ceramic - dielectric, electrolyte

Dr. Mohd Amir Radhi bin Othman

Supercapacitors, Radiation Physics and Quantum Optics (

Dr. Fatin Saiha binti Omar

Nanomaterials, Electrochemistry (

Dr. Mohd Narizee bin Mohd Nasir

Optoelectronics, Photonics, Fiber Optics

Dr. Anuar bin Alias

Theoretical Physics, General Relativity, Relativity and Bran (

Dr. Muslizainun binti Mustapha

Solar Energy Technology (

Dr. Muhammad Asif Ahmad Khushaini

Computational, Optics, Plasmonics (

Mr. Wan Mohd Aimran bin Wan Mohd Kamil

Astronomy and Astrophysics (

Entry requirements

General requirement:

  1. Complete 12 years of Primary and High School education; and
  2. Obtain High School (e.g. Higher Secondary Certificate, Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate, Tawjihiyah, Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas, High School Diploma); and
  3. Meet minimum English requirement set by faculty; and
  4. Pass UKM interview (if required) ; and
  5. Meet faculty specific requirement;

Specific programme requirement:

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