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Welcome Speech from Pro Vice Chancellor (Kuala Lumpur Campus)


MD (UKM), MRCP (Ire), PhD (Lond), GDHM (SMU-SingHealth), FASc (Malaysia), PJN, DPNS, ANS

Pro Vice Chancellor Kuala Lumpur Campus

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Campus Website, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Best regards to all the people of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and always be in good health. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the Board of Directors of the University and YBhg. Prof. Tan Sri Dato ‘Seri Dr. Noor Azlan Ghazali for the trust that was given to me to hold the post of Vice-Chancellor Pro, the Kuala Lumpur Campus. The new position approved by UKM is an enormous trust and I pray that I can fulfill this responsibility with integrity and fulfill the expectations and needs of the top management of the university.

The main terms of reference for this office are to lead and coordinate all Responsibility Centers (PTJs) located at Jalan Raja Muda, Cheras and Jalan Temerloh campuses, including residential colleges. Under the Kuala Lumpur Campus there are four (4) Faculties (Medical, Health Sciences, Dentistry and Pharmacy), Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz and two (2) Institutes of Excellence (Molecular Medicine Institute and Ear, Hearing and Speech Institute) The UKM Children’s Specialist (HPKK) will be completed by the end of 2018 and two (2) residential Colleges (Tun Dr Ismail College and Tun Syed Nasir College). Among other important tasks include identifying and managing the space and are responsible for planning the overall direction and development of the Kuala Lumpur Campus.

Some changes in organizational governance and organizational structure will be undertaken. The aim of this UKM management is to facilitate governance and reduce bureaucracy and dependence on the main campus in Bangi in various aspects of administration and implementation, in particular a number of departments that have the same function across all responsibility centers including financial management, human resources, infrastructure and technology information. The mold and spirit of UKM will continue to be strengthened so that whatever happens in the Kuala Lumpur Campus will reflect UKM as the National Trust Funds and realize the slogan ‘Inspiration of Hope, Creating the Future’.

In the first two months I have started a discussion session with management and implementing groups and chaired several meetings to understand the wishes and expectations of all stakeholders on the new post of the Vice-Chancellor’s Pro. In the meantime I have also provided more detailed terms of reference for the post of Vice-Chancellor’s Office which includes the authority to be approved by the University’s Board of Directors to chart the governance and governance processes clearly. There was also interaction and discussion with YBhg. Tan Sri Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Treasurer and all the heads of PTJ under the Kuala Lumpur Campus.

I pray that Allah SWT will simplify my affairs especially to mobilize resources in this Kuala Lumpur Campus to produce something different and special and highly valued for all stakeholders and our customers including students, patients and university students. InsyaAllah we will move as a team and put the agenda and vision of UKM as the ultimate guide for transforming the transformation of the Kuala Lumpur Campus.

I would like to share here the strategic map I submitted to the top management when I was called for interview for this position. This strategy will be streamlined and enhanced by the ideas and inputs of all parties. Implementation of this strategy will only succeed with the cooperation and commitment of all leaders and citizens from all centers of Kuala Lumpur Campus responsibility. Wassalam.

6 February 2018

20 Jamadilawal 1439H