UKM’s Library Catalog is a basic searching tools that have a comprehensive details about the library collections including the collections in all of our branch libraries especially our books and thesis collection. 

GEMILANG is the acronym for GEDUNG MAKLUMAT ILMU TUN SERI LANANG; the name of our Online Public Access Catalog.

  • Introduction to GEMILANG (Video Updating)


  1. Access to various e-journals and e-books from various fields.
  2. Dowload full text from the library’s subscribed e-journals and e-books.
  3. Search your materials using subject or titles.

Electronic Resources

Get to know all the platforms for online information searching using various tools such as GEMILANG, eJournal Portal, UKM Institutional Repository (eRep), UKM Journal Article Repository (UJAR), LEARNING & RESEARCH REPOSITORY, DEWAN BAHASA & PUSTAKA (IDBP) Index and IQUEST.
  •  Guide to Electronic Resources (Video Updating)

Thesis Information Resources

This course emphasizes on thesis searching using these tools:

    • GEMILANG Catalog
    • Learning and Research Repository (VITAL)
    • Malaysian Thesis Online (MyTO)
    • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Fulltext
    • Open Access Resources

PHCTM Portal

Get to know our PHCTM Portal and all the tools to help us with our information searching.

Systematic Review

This course will teach us how to search for our materials using systematic review strategy. This will help us in narrowing down our searches and get the exact information that we need.

Managing Your References: Endnote

  1. Manage your reference using Endnote Library.
  2. Learn how to cite and create references with a few clicks.
  3. More than 100 citation format such as APA, MLA, Chicago 15thB, Turabian , Annonated are ready to use.

Managing Your References: Mendeley

  1. A reference manager tools that is free to download.
  2. Manage your reference online and on your desktop.
  3. Also functions as a research network where user can share their references with other Mendeley users.
  • The latest Gaya UKM Bahasa Melayu Template Plugin is as below :

  • The latest Gaya UKM English Template Plugin is as below :

Islamic Collection Information Resources

Emphasize on basic  information search strategy for materials from Arab and Islamic Civilization Collection through: 

  • Search using OPAC GEMILANG.
  • Search for Arabic Language materials.
  • Search for verses in al-Qur’an and hadith.
  • Search for scientific practice materials from UKM Islamic Studies Faculty 

Various information resources from UKM and other open sources will also be shared in this course.

Get to Know Grey Literature

  • Learn the technics of searching for information from our Document Collection using:

    2. Learning and Research Repository (VITAL)

    Various information resources from UKM and other open sources will also be shared in this course.

Library Research - Scientific Communication

  1. Users will learn how to use our information seeking tools such as GEMILANG catalog, eJournal Portal and Institutional Repository. We will expose users on how to use subject as a search method through cataloging references using Library of Congress Subject Headings.

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