faq / soalan lazim


Does the library open now?

Yes. The library has been reopened since October 11, 2021 with modified opening hours as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 8.30 a.m – 10.00 p.m

  • Saturday & Sunday: 10.00 p.m – 5.00 p.m

  • 1st Saturday of The Month & Public Holidays: CLOSED

Can external students / users use the library services?

We are currently open to all categories of user.

Are there any specific regulations by the Library during Endemic phase?

Yes. Users have to adhere to the guideline provided by the library:

  • Only low risk users are allowed to enter the library.
  • Wear face mask
  • Hand sanitization

How do I apply for library membership?

Please refer Library Membership

Are borrowing and returning services available? 

Yes. Borrowing and returning services are available now and users can use any of these methods to borrow and return book:

How can I request for resources that are not available in UKM Library collections? 

  • Pay Per View article request for 8 databases: ACM Digital Library, Institute of Physics, Oxford Journals, Sage Journals, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Taylor & Francis, Wiley Online Library. Please click PPV to apply.
  • Inter Library Loan service. Please click Inter Library Loan to apply.

How do I renew my books online? 

You need to login to your library account in GEMILANG (http://gemilang.ukm.my). Please click MyAccount, choose the book you wish to renew and click Renew to extend the loan period.

Can I return the books at different library location from the home library? 

Yes. However, loaning status will not be updated automatically.

Are there any fines if I fail to return the books on time?

Yes, late return will be fines starting 16th April 2022.

How do I pay overdue fines? 

You can pay your overdue fines by these options: 

  • Debit/credit terminal at Customer Service Counter 
  • QR DuitNow 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer to CIMB account: 98945110301000 (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). Please fill in the form. Click Here.

How do I report the loss of a library book?

You can report the loss to the respective libraries (where you borrowed the book)

What library facilities that have been opened?

All facilities are now available to use.

What is User ID / Library ID and Library password?

  1. Book loaning, GEMILANG, and Learning and Research Repository

User/Library ID: Matric No. / UKMPer 

Password: MyKad No. / Passport No.

2. EResources @PTSL  Portal and UKM Institutional Repository (eRep):

User/Library ID: Matric No. / UKMPer No.

Password: Same as SMPWeb or Portal e-warga password

What happen if I forgot the library password?

Please click ‘Forgot password’. Key-in your matric no. / UKMPer to reset the password and it will be sent to your registered e-mail address in library system. 

How do I access and log in to PPUKM Library Portal account? 

PPUKM Library Portal can be accessed at http://lib.hukm.ukm.my . Click “Register Account” to activate your PPUKM Library Portal account. 

What happen if I forgot the PPUKM Library Portal password?

Please click ‘Forgot password’. Key-in your registered e-mail address to reset the password. 

Where can I access thesis collection? 

Printed thesis collection can be accessed at Southeast Asian Collection, Level 5, Tun Seri Lanang Library. Please use GEMILANG (http://gemilang.ukm.my) to search for the title. 


Online thesis can be accessed at eResources@ptsl and Learning & Research Repository UKM (http://ptsldigital.ukm.my)

How do I find online journal articles?

Online journal articles are accessible from: 

Where can I find articles / publications from UKM academicians? 

All publications from UKM academics can be accessed from UKM Institutional Repository (https://appsmu.ukm.my/erep/). Please use the same user ID and password in SMPWeb and Portal e-warga.

Where can I find high indexed journals list (WOS/SCOPUS/ERA/MYCITE)?

The list is available at library website (https://www.ukm.my/ptsl). Choose Research Support and click Indexed Journals to see the list (MS Excel format).


Please visit JCR/WOS/SCOPUS databases at e-resources@PTSL Portal  to find the status of the journals.

How can I learn more about information searching on library resources? 

You may attend Information Skill Courses that are scheduled every month or conducted by request. 

Is there any charge to join these courses?

  • Free of charge to all UKM members except Mendeley (RM20 / person).
  • External members (RM50 / person).

Who can attend these courses?

Open to all library users and for those who are interested to join the course.

If I have any inquiries, how do I contact the Library? 

You can reach us via:

  • Phone: 03-8921 3446 
  • WhatsApp Messenger: 019-204 5652
  • Email: helpdeskptsl@ukm.edu.my
  • Livechat at www.ukm.my/ptsl