Matching Grant

Members of the Faculty of Medicine are invited to apply for a matching financing grant (MG) of the Faculty of Medicine UKM for grants obtained from industry or international. MG is an incentive to encourage faculty members to apply for external grants.

Terms of application :

  1. Research projects must involve at least 1 (ONE) Lecturer DU54/DS54 and below as co-researchers.

  2. The allocation of MG will be given based on the value of industrial or international grants subject to a minimum financing of RM 20,000.00.

  3. The total MG allocation to be given is 10% of the total industrial / international grant financing received or a minimum of RM 10,000.00. Maximum MG is RM 20,000.00.

  4. The research project must have been approved by the UKM Research Ethics Committee in the current year. Applications submitted must not exceed 1 year from the date of approval of the industrial / international grant.

  5. Each application must be accompanied by a certified copy of the sponsorship letter or Research Project Agreement or MOU / MOA between UKM and the grantor.

  6. Applications are open throughout the year subject to the current allocation balance.

  7. Approvals are subject to the decision of Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation).

Form can be download here:
Application Form

Application can be summited to  Puan Nurazilah Mohamed Sallehulldin via email : intuiti_2011@yahoo.com / 03-91459497.