Book Fund 2023

Writing Fund for Buku Tersohor (Research) Faculty of Medicine
Dana Penulisan Buku Tersohor (Penyelidikan) Fakulti Perubatan

1. The application is open to  staff of the Faculty of Medicine UKM.
2. Become the Author / Main Editor of book published under Penerbit Buku Tersohor only.
3. Have completed a book draft of at least 85% of the minimum of 4 chapters and 30,000 words.
4. Must publish the book within 6 months from the date of funds approval.
5. Funds can be requested as additional allocation for existing projects that require assistance.
6. Funds limit is RM 6,000.00 (black&white book) to RM 9,000.00 (color book).
10. Need to upload softcopy of manuscript and application form via this link
11. Need to submit a hard copy of the book manuscript to Sekretariat Penyelidikan & Inovasi, Tingkat 6 Bangunan Praklinikal, Fakulti Perubatan UKM for evaluation.