Writing Field Work (Journal Manuscript)

Guideline of Writing Field Work For Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty Members may apply for ‘protected-time’ fieldwork for the following purposes :

  1. Writing and submitting manuscripts * for publication in WOS journals.
  2. Amendments to manuscripts * that have been screening by WOS journals.
  3. Writing a Syarahan Perdana  ( for Professor only).

 * Only for manuscripts of research articles and reviews. Case report writing not accepted.

  • Each Faculty Member is allowed to apply 2 times a year for the Writing Field Work. Each fieldwork start from Monday to Friday during the 5 working days of the week.

  • The application for fieldwork must be recommended by the Head of Department and approved by the Deputy Dean of Research and Innovation. The fieldwork will be recorded as the Official Activity in the attendance system by the Administrator Officer of the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Application form must be submitted to the Secretariat of Research & Innovation Faculty of Medicine UKM (SPI) ONE month before the writing course (please refer to Flow Chart & Application Form in Appendix.

  • The applicant must submit the proof as bellow ONE WEEK after completion of each fieldwork.**

A copy of email of manuscript submission to WOS journal.
A copy of email of revised manuscript submission to WOS journal.
A copy of acceptance letter /email of received the text of Syarahan Perdana by the Dean.

**An annual leave deduction will be made if the applicant does not submit the above proof and they are not allowed to apply for next fieldwork.




  • Please email the application to:

       Nik Mohd Nashrullah Nik Mohd Fadzil at niknash@ukm.edu.my

       Hotline : 03-9145 9481 / 9480