Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine


Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) research group is concerned with the natural self-healing capacities of the body and seeks to harness this regenerative property by integrating stem cell technologies, biomaterials and engineering solutions to reconstruct, replace or rejuvenate injured organs and tissues. The current TERM research group consists of multidisciplinary researchers who are clinicians, basic scientists, translational scientists as well as engineers. They are interested in a few niche areas such as cardiovascular bioengineering, airway bioengineering, stem cell technology & derivatives, functional biomaterials & nanotechnology, neuro-skeletal bioengineering, biosignalling, urogenital bioengineering, cutaneous tissue engineering, oral & maxillofacial tissue engineering and ocular tissue engineering. The team has embarked on a range of initiatives aimed at delivering therapeutic solutions though tissue engineering technology. Stem cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells and its secretory products such as exosomes are used to study cell biology, to screen drug toxicity, to develop in vitro model for testing purposes as well as to understand and treat diseases. Nature inspired functional biomaterials such as fibrin, ovine collagen type I, gelatin, poultry elastin, bacterial cellulose and many more were used as scaffold for tissue engineering or as carrier for biologics. The team has a translational focus and a number of clinical studies have been initiated. For example, a clinical phase II trial on tissue-engineered skin substitutes using cultured autologous skin cells with the patient’s serum has been conducted in 2014-2018. Tissue-engineered bone composed of autologous mesenchymal stromal cells on ceramic graft and platelet-rich plasma have been applied clinically for bone non-union cases. Besides, tissue-engineered cornea has been used to replace a chemically injured cornea of a patient. Currently, a clinical phase II trial is underway using mesenchymal stromal cells for osteoarthritis of the knee. 

TERM research group members are affiliated with the Centre of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (CTERM) (https://www.ukm.my › ctermfperlocated at the 12th floor, Clinical Block of the UKM Medical Centre. CTERM is the home office for the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society (TESMA) (https://tesma.org.my/), a national body with over 100 active members composed of academic & industrial researchers from all over Malaysia. TESMA is affiliated with the International Society with more than a thousand members i.e. TERMIS (https://termis.org/).


No.NameEmailResearch nicheUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
1Prof. Madya Dr. Angela Ng Min Hweiangela@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
2Dr. Law Jia Xianlawjx@ppukm.ukm.edu.mystem cell technology & derivativesUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
3Dr. Mohd Fauzi Bin Mh Busrafauzibusra@ukm.edu.myfunctional biomaterials & nanotechnologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
4Prof. Madya Dr. Yogeswaran A/L Lokanathan lyoges@ppukm.ukm.edu.myairway bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
5Puan Nur Atiqah Haizum Binti Abdullahatiqah.haizum@ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
6Dr. Manira Binti Maarofmanira@ppukm.ukm.edu.mycutaneous tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
7Dr. Nadiah Binti Sulaimannadiahsulaiman@ukm.edu.mycardiovascular bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
8Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Hazla Binti Mohamed Haflahhazla1971@yahoo.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
9Dr. Ekram Bin Aliasekram.alias@ppukm.ukm.edu.myfunctional biomaterials & nanotechnologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
10Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Hamdan Bin Mohamad Yahayanhmycj@gmail.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
11Dr. Mohd Heikal Bin Mohd Yunusmohdheikalyunus@ppukm.ukm.edu.mycutaneous tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
12Prof. Madya Dr. Chua Kien Huickienhui@ppukm.ukm.edu.mystem cell technology & derivativesUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
13Prof. Ir. Dr. Abu Bakar Bin Sulongabubakar@ukm.edu.myfunctional biomaterials & nanotechnologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
14Mej. Bersekutu (Pa) Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Yazid Bin Bajuriezeds007@yahoo.com.mycutaneous tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
15Prof. Madya Dr. Shalimar Binti Abdullahkelapa44@yahoo.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
16Prof. Dr. Nur Azurah Binti Abdul Ghaninurazurahag@gmail.comUrogenital bioengineering &stem cell technologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
17Prof. Madya Dr. Jemaima Binti Che Hamzahjemaima@ppukm.ukm.edu.myOcular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
18Prof. Madya Dr. Ohnmar Htwe @ Rashidah Binti Ismailhtwe.om@gmail.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
19Dr. Ng Sook Luanngsookluan@ukm.edu.my oral & maxillofacial tissue enginneringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
20Dr. Fazlina Binti Nordinnordinf@ppukm.ukm.edu.mystem cell technology & derivativesUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
21Prof. Dr. Amaramalar Selvi Naickerasnaicker@yahoo.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
22Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Haslina Binti Wan Abdul Halimafifiyad@yahoo.co.ukOcular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
23Dr. Rizal Bin Abd Ranirizal@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
24Prof. Madya Dr. Farrah Hani Binti Imranfarrahhani@ukm.edu.mycutaneous tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
25Dr. Taty Anna Binti Kamarudintatykamarudin@ukm.edu.mystem cell technology & derivativesUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
26Dr. Muhammad Da`In Bin Yaziddain@ukm.edu.mybiosignallingUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
27Prof. Dr. Roszalina Bt. Ramliroszalina@ppukm.ukm.edu.myoral & maxillofacial tissue enginneringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
28Dr. Nahdia Afiifah Binti Abdul Jalilnahdia.afiifah@ukm.edu.myOcular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
29Prof. Dr. Mae-Lynn Catherine Bastionmae-lynn@ppukm.ukm.edu.myOcular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
30Dr. Isma Liza Binti Mohd Isaismaliza84@gmail.comfunctional biomaterials & nanotechnologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
31Dr. Muhamad Ramdzan Bin Buyongmuhdramdzan@ukm.edu.myfunctional biomaterials & nanotechnologyUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
32Dr. Law Zhe Kangzhe.kanglaw@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
33Dr. Steve Ng Chen Feingchenfei@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
34Prof. Madya Dr. Jamari Bin Sapuandrjamari@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
35Dr. Muhammad Kamal Bin Muhammad Abdul Jamildrkortho@gmail.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
36Lt. Kol. Bersekutu (Pa) Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zulkifli Bin Md. Zainuddinzuluro@ppukm.ukm.edu.myUrogenital bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
37Dr. Brenda Saria Binti Yuliawiratmanbsaria@yahoo.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
38Dr. Mohamad Azim Bin Md IdrisAzim@ppukm.ukm.edu.mycutaneous tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
39Prof. Madya Dr. Mawaddah Binti Azmanmawaddah@ukm.edu.myairway bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
40Puan Rohaina Binti Che Manrohaina@ppukm.ukm.edu.mycardiovascular bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
41Prof. Datuk Dr. Sabarul Afian Bin Mokhtardrsam@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
42Prof. Madya Dato’ Dr. Nik Ritza Kosai Bin Nik Mahmoodnikkosai@yahoo.co.ukstem cell technology & derivativesUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
43Prof. Dr. Goh Bee Seebeesee@ppukm.ukm.edu.myairway bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
44Prof. Madya Dr. Rabani Binti Remlirabaniremli@ppukm.ukm.edu.myneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
45Prof. Dr. Marina Binti Mat Bakimarinamatbaki@ppukm.ukm.edu.myairway bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
46Encik Mohd Rafizul Bin Mohd Yusofrafizulyusof@ukm.edu.myAnimal modelling in TERM researchUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
47Encik Mohd Hairul Nizam Bin Harunhairulnizam@ppukm.ukm.edu.myOcular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
48Dr. Rabiatul Adawiyah Binti Razalirabiatularzl@ukm.edu.myairway bioengineering & natural extracts in TERMUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
49Encik Shamsul Bin Sulaimanshamsulsulaiman80@gmail.comneuro-skeletal bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
50Dr. Nur Izzah Md Fadilahizzahfadilah@ukm.edu.my cutaneous tissue engineering & functional biomaterialsUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
51Encik Mohd Asyraf Bin Mat Afandiasyrafafandi@ukm.edu.mymuscular tissue engineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
52Puan Nazeha Binti Ahmatnazehaahmat@ukm.edu.myISO & GMP Quality standards CGTP UKMGoogle ScholarScopus
53Encik Muhammad Najib Fathi Bin Hassannajibfathi93@gmail.comstem cell technology & bioreactorUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
54Encik Mohamad Fikeri Bin Ishakfikeri_ishak@yahoo.comcardiovascular bioengineeringUKMGoogle ScholarScopus
55Puan Seet Wan Taiwtseet@ppukm.ukm.edu.myISO & GMP Quality standards CGTP UKMGoogle ScholarScopus



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