Clinical Fellowship


Course Director: Prof Dr. Raja Zahratul Azma Raja Sabudin

Duration of Training: 6 months – 1 year

Training Centre: UKM Medical Centre/ Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Eligibility: Independent and certified Pathologist (Hematology) or equivalent specialty.

Objective: To produce Pathologist (Hematology) with detailed knowledge and basic competence and experience in molecular genetic of hematology disorders.

Objectives of Programme:

  1. To produce pathologist (hematology) with detailed knowledge in molecular genetic of hematology disorder.
  2. To produce pathologist (hematology) with basic competence and experience in performing laboratory procedures pertaining to molecular genetic tests.


  1. Candidate will be required to perform all laboratories activities DNA and RNA extractions, DNA and RNA measurements, cDNA synthesis, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, short tandem repeat analysis, HLA Typing etc.
  2. Candidate must be confident in interpreting molecular genetic test results: Polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, short tandem repeat, HLA typing etc.
  3. Candidate will be required to perform all laboratory activities which include cell cultures, harvesting and staining, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) methods.
  4. Candidate will be required to do chromosome analysis (karyotyping and FISH) and interpret the results.
  5. Candidate must be confident in interpreting molecular genetic test results: Polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, short tandem repeat, HLA typing etc.
  6. Candidate must pass the written and viva examinations which will be held prior to finishing the programme.
  7. Candidate must keep a log book and an audit of his/her performance.
  8. Candidate must be contactable and regularly meet with course director.
  9. Candidate is required to do small research during the training and encourage publishing at least 1 manuscript in a WOS journal or presenting at a local conference.

Certificate of completion of training certified by Course Director and Dean, Faculty of Medicine UKM will be given to all successful candidates.

Important requirements:

  1. Please apply at least 6 months before intended start date.
  2. You will need Temporary Practising Certificate (TPC) by Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). Please ensure you fulfil all the requirements for TPC.
  3. Application for TPC will be forwarded to MMC by UKM except for Letter of Good Standing.
Step 1
Application through Secretariat of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) website/ link at HCTM website/ or direct communication with the Course Director *Application need to be made a minimum of 6 months before the date of admission
Required process:
  • Candidate Details and selected programmes
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
*First medical degree needs to be checked whether it is recognised by Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) (a mandatory requirement if the candidate will do rotation outside of HCTM) An offer letter will be issued (by PKP) to the candidate for the payment process Course Director
Step 2
Application will be reviewed by the Course Director
Step 3
  • Fill in and submit Application Form to International Affairs Unit (UPA)
  • Letter of Temporary Approval/ Letter of Rejection to applicants will be issued by SPS
  • For the accepted candidates, a copy of the Temporary Approval Letter will be sent to UKM Shape – for VISA’s application process
Step 4
Accepted candidates are required to complete the following documents:
  • Form 16 for Temporary Practicing Certificate application Click Here
  • Visa application (Professional Visit Pass (PVP)) Click Here

  • *Since Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysian Immigration will only issued Profesional Visit Pass (PVP) with Single Entry Visa for 1 Year. Candidate must go out from Malaysia before PVP expired and must re-apply new PVP from home country for next year's programme
    *All documents will be sent through the International Affairs Unit, Faculty of Medicine UKM
Step 5
Candidate enrolled and report to the Course Director
Step 6
An offer letter will be issued (by UKM Shape) to the candidate for the payment process
Step 7
Course Director will notify the candidate about privileging and credentialing to HCTM Credentialing Link
Step 8
ONE (1) month before programme ends, the Course Director are required to inform SPS and International Affairs Unit, Faculty of Medicine UKM
SPS will issue Certificate of Completion to the candidate

Flowchart of Credentialing and Privileging in HCTM for International Candidates


Credentialing: a process to set the standards and to do an evaluation for a person’s qualification in a field or procedure. It is recognition for the professional training done by a medical practitioner.

Privileges: the rights given by the hospital for a medical practitioner to give treatments or to do procedures on hospital patients based on the qualifications of the training, and the medical practitioner’s experience and expertise.

Step 1
Log in to this link: to apply for credentialing application.
*No payment needed for this application
Step 2
For new application, please fill in the details and update your profile.

* If you want to renew you application, please apply 6 months BEFORE your expiry date.
Step 3
Click Credentialing Form and complete all the required information.

*You need to fill in your Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) Registration Number, Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) Number and National Specialist Register (NSR) Number in the prerequisite field.
Step 4
Select Head of Department (HOD) to verify your application.
Step 5
Tick (√) and submit your application.
Step 6
Your Dashboard for the application status will appear. You can check the ongoing status by time to time.
Step 7
All applications will be reviewed in a meeting.

*The meeting will be conducted 4 times a year
Step 8
HCTM issue an Approval Letter (TWO weeks after the meeting)
HCTM issue Certificate of Credentialing (ONE month after)