Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Coursework & Mixed Mode:

  • Open twice a year
  • February intake – begin in October to November
  • September intake – begin in April to May

Research Mode:

    • Open throughout the year

Coursework and Practicum or clinical work with case studies and/or research

  • Open twice a year
  • June intake
  • December intake


All applications should be made via our Graduate Admission Application System:


No, all applications must be online via:


No, you are only allowed to apply for one (1) program at any one time.


No. Application is only allowed once in the same semester.


No. Application is via online only and there are no documents that need to be sent by post.


No. The selection committee at the faculty will assign the supervisor if you are selected. However, you may propose your supervisor in your application.


 If you are applying for research mode program, you are required to submit a research proposal.


Local applicants

  • Full time or part time

International applicants

  • Full time only


International students may apply VISA online through Students Affairs and VISA Unit, UKMShape. Please refer to the UKMShape VISA Approval Letter (VAL) application method flow chart.


Malaysian applicants: RM 30 only
International applicants: RM 100 or USD 30

All payment is made online (credit card/debit/online banking) in our Graduate Admission
Application System: (International applicants)


A complete application will be forwarded to the department selection committee at the
faculty. The result will be announced in as follows:

Successful: Application is successful
Rejected: Application is unsuccessful
KIV: Your application is still under consideration (due to insufficient information/ the selection committee is awaiting for further verification, etc.)


You are advised to contact the Faculty to ask about your application status.
Information about the Faculty/Institute is as follows:


Yes. You can apply for PhD Fast Track subject to approval by the Selection Committee at


You may apply by submitting your latest examination result and a letter of verification from
your current institution mentioning that you are now in the final semester.


Yes, they may change subject to approval from the faculty. However, the change is permitted
only once throughout the study.


Class arrangement and schedule will be determined by the respective department at faculty.


Tuition fees for all programs are charged in package per semester.