Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine


The medical course comprises a preclinical phase (2 years) of basic medical sciences, an intermediate stage of junior clinical clerkship (1 year) followed by senior medical clerkship (2 years). Problem solving, methods of inquiry, critical thinking and independent learning strategies are emphasized. At the end of the course, students are expected to graduate with competencies in the relevant areas of knowledge and clinical skills, apart from leadership and communication skills pertaining to working with other healthcare professionals. 

The course also equips graduates with life-long learning and medical research capabilities via a special research module. Personal and professional development modules spanning the duration of the 5-year program equips learners with important soft skills, awareness of medical ethics and a sense of social responsibility 

Our aim is to produce well-rounded medical professionals who are able to serve society in challenging and varied work environments and who are well-positioned for further postgraduate training. Students are supported by a mentor-mentee system throughout the programme. 

  • Duration of Study

Faculty of Medicine  – 5 Years


The objective of this programme is to produce doctors who are able to:  

    • Apply their knowledge and skills in an effective and judicious manner whilst demonstrating an attitude that is appropriate and desirable.
    • Function effectively in any healthcare setting (hospitals, healthcarecentres, etc.) 
    • Recognize and analyze health problems at the level of the individual, family and community; and solve these problems through health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, using the available resources in a cost-effective manner. 
    • Demonstrate sensitivity towards religious, moral, cultural and traditional values of the community they serve.
    • Lead and play an effective role in the healthcare team. 
    • Pursue any field of specialization of their choice. 
    • Accept the principle of life-long learning.
Local Students

    • Faculty of Medicine
Total Fees : RM 300,000 

International Students
    • Faculty of Medicine
Total Fees : RM 400,000 

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