Chemical Engineering - Bachelors (Hons)

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours


The Chemical Engineering program offers two Bachelor of Engineering specialization in Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering since the Department was established in 1984 when the Faculty was established at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Chemical engineering is directly involved in material processing raw to useful materials especially if the processing involves changes in conditions, composition and energy content of processed materials.

Biochemical Engineering derived from the fermentation industry applying the principles of Chemical Engineering in material processing biology and biochemistry.

Duration of Study : 4 Years

    • Engineer who has character and ethics, as well as high professionalism and contributes to the National Aspirations
    • Engineer  who is competent in respective engineering practices that meets current and future needs.
    • Engineer  who has a creative and innovative, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities that are glocal.
    • Chemical Plant and System Operator 
    • Manufacturing Production Technician 
    • Food Scientist 
    • Biotechnologist 
    • Environmental and Healthcare Engineer 

Local Students

Total Fees : RM 63,100 

International Students

Total Fees : RM 81,000

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