Bachelor of Economic with Honours

This program is designed to produce students with a firm foundation in theories and concepts of economics, various skills in marketing, thinking, communication, and leadership. After graduating, your job offer will be various and exciting allowing you to become an economist, educator, executive, and banker.

      • Fulfill the nation’s needs by producing workforce who are educated, competent, ethical and capable in improving their skills in the working environment 
      • Fulfill the demand for economic knowledge that is beneficial to the society
      • Provide the platform for economic knowledge development through improvement in research ability
      1. Government agencies office of government agencies
      2. Executive in private sector such as:
        • Marketing executive
        • Human Resource/Management executive
        • Banking & Financial Institutions executive
      1. Executive in private sector such as:
        • Other careers in the management field
        • Executive in Banking and Finance Institutions
        • Finance
        • Financial Service and Risk Management
        • Marketing and Consumerism
        • Comparative Management
        • International Business

-Entry Requirements

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