Geology - Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Geology)


The word Geology is derived from the Greek words ‘geo’ which means the earth and “logos” which means knowledge. This knowledge regarding the earth explains its origin, contents as well as the history of its evolution. From a field that is descriptive and philosophical, geology combines knowledge from mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology to achieve its main dynamic function that is the exploration of earth resources (groundwater, metallic minerals, petroleum, natural gas, radioactive minerals and construction materials) that are required for the development of human civilisation. Today modern geology is better known as geosciences and has expanded its scope from economic geology and petroleum geology to engineering geology. Geologists currently work together with civil and geotechnical engineers in providing geological information for the construction of large infrastructure such as dams, bridges, sky scraper and airports that are safe and cost effective. In environmental geology, the geologists are investigating geo-disasters such as landslides, mudflows, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes and the like in order to reduce damage and construct warning systems. 

Duration of study : 4 years

    • Well established in current geological knowledge, and has the ability to apply the knowledge theoretically and technically in solving the country’s development issues, and internationally competitive. 

    • Adopting scientific approach in generating geological knowledge, and sharing knowledge with the public. 

    • Competent in sustainable earth resource management, according to the environmental awareness knowledge. 

    • Capable of contributing ideas in policy and decision making related to the earth resources and environment, and administration of the country development. 

    • Patriotic, has critical thinking ability that focused on problem solving, has written and verbal communication competencies, distinctive personality, ethical, competitive, acquainting the geologist working nature, and computer literate. 

    • Geoscientist 
    • Field assistant 
    • Mine geologist 
    • Consulting geologist 
    • Meteorologist 

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