Nuclear Science - Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Nuclear Science)


Nuclear Science is a part of science which exploits the use of natural and man-made radiation for the well-being of human life.It is a multi-discipline programme which need a strong basic understanding of physic, chemistry, and biology as well as mathematic.Basically nuclear science covers the changes and reactions at nucleus level of the element.Student enrolled in this programme will learnt the origin and sources of various natural and man-made radiations; the effects on matter, environment and living organism; safety aspects; law and regulations involving the usage of the technology for the benefits of mankind.The current and future applications of the technology in Malaysia and worldwide such as in medical, manufacturing, power generation, food and agriculture, Non-destructive test, environmental research and consumer products will be covered. 

Duration of Study : 4 years

    • Produce graduates who command the knowledge and skills in Nuclear Science

    • Capable of communicating fluently in both Malay and English

    • Professional and ethical

    • To fulfil the needs of the nation and the society

    • Nuclear Physicist 
    • Nuclear Missile Silo Operator 
    • Nuclear Power Plant Operator 
    • Nuclear Chemist 
    • Nuclear Engineer 

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