Physics - Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Physics)


Physics is a field of science that studies the properties, motion, behaviour, force and energy of matter. Physics uncovers the hidden laws that govern and explain the orderliness of the universe, from the behaviour of particles to the life cycle of stars scattered in our night sky. By studying Physics, the students will be competent and skilled in putting to use knowledge of physics in a scientific and professional manner commensurate with the demand of development in contemporary time. 

Duration of Study :  4 years

    • Able to practice physics knowledge scientifically and professionally 

    • Being competent with high ethics and moral value 

    • Awareness towards environment by supporting conducive development 

    • Able to communicate scientifically in Bahasa Melayu and English proficiently. 

    • Clinical scientist, medical physics
    • Lecturer
    • Nanotechnologist
    • Radiation protection practitioner

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