Plant Biotechnology - Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Plant Biotechnology)



The field of plant biotechnology highlights developing new techniques towards improvements for plant production to supply the global need for food, raw materials and fuel. In addition to being a source of food, plants also provide us with many pharmaceuticals and industrial compounds. As our population grows, our daily needs also grow. Through plant biotechnology, the increase in quality crops, increased crop yields and the production of specific characteristics in plants is achievable. In this programme, the students will be exposed to the knowledge and techniques related to plant biotechnology with particular emphasis on aspects of tissue culture and plant molecular biology. 

Duration of Study ; 4 years

    • To produce graduates with nationalistic aspiration and proficiency in the field of Plant Biotechnology in support of nation development by adopting ethical values and professionalism. 

    • To produce graduates who are competent in the knowledge and practice of Plant Biotechnology and soft skills needed to address local and global issues. 

    • To produce graduates who are competitive, innovative, entrepreneurial, possessing leadership characteristics as well as good communication skills in contributing ideas to stakeholders and the community. 

    • Plant Breeder/Geneticist 
    • Plant Pathologist 
    • Agronomist 
    • Biochemist/Biotechnologist 

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