Psychology - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Psychology - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)


This undergraduate Psychology degree programme aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge within basic and applied psychology. The programme will develop critical thinking, analytical and practical skills in students to approach problems that are related to human behaviour and mental processes. The programme also aims to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills to allow students to pursue lifelong learning. During the course of study, students should be able to apply appropriate technology to support their study and research. Upon graduation, students should be familiar with the contemporary issues that are related to psychology field and are equipped with the capability to lead, act responsibly and ethically within varied social and professional environment. Besides, students are well-prepared to further specialisation at the postgraduate level. 

Duration of Study : 3 Years

    • Integrate knowledge and understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the social sciences and social science practice. 
    • Consolidate and synthesise theoretical and practical knowledge of the dynamics of social systems and practices in different settings and apply this to your chosen speciality. 
    • Inquire into the dynamics of particular social problems and practices using established social science protocols consistent with your speciality. 
    • Inquire into and address your ongoing learning needs. 
    • Analyse unpredictable, complex problems, issues and situations; apply creative, logical and critical thinking skills; and form evidence-based judgements regarding possible solutions. 
    • Articulate ideas using a wide range of techniques effective with different audiences, including experts and non-experts. 
    • Research Institutions 
    • Training & Development (eg. Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Corporate Training) 
    • Management (eg. Human Resources, General Administration, Personal Assistant) 
    • Education (eg. Research Assistant, Tutor, Student Services Officer) 
    • Sales, Marketing & Services (eg. Customer Relationship Officer, Event & Life Planner) 
    • Headhunter / Talent Acquisition 
    • Psychology Related Work in NGOs, Hospitals / Schools 

Local Students

Total Fees : RM  49,900 

International Students

Total Fees : RM 67,500 

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