(Centre for Shaping Advanced & Professional Education)

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| Director’s Message

Center for Shaping Advanced and Professional Education (UKMShape)

The National University of Malaysia

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and greetings.

Congratulations to you for being successfully selected to participate in faculty programmes conducted by Center for Shaping Advanced and Professional Education (UKMShape), UKM. Your selection to continue your studies at UKM is timely as the university has already made its mark at national and international level in terms of quality in teaching and learning as well as research. Your qualifying for UKM programmes also reflects your own capability and capacity, as screening and admission to UKM is constantly monitored and improved. In fact, the programmes managed by UKMShape are no different than what are offered on campus because of the similarity of syllabus, academic staff and the certificate awarded.

UKM constantly strives to meet the aspirations of those who wish to increase knowledge as well as provide opportunities to develop their future careers. This is inline with the objectives of UKM to be a centre of knowledge and technological advancement together with the competitiveness in various strategic areas to meet national needs. The establishment of the Centre for Educational Extension has the primary objective of providing a second chance to people who work to enhance their skills and raise their level of academic qualifications. We are aware that due to various commitments to career and family, not everyone has the opportunity to continue their education at a higher level at any given time.

Thus, UKMShape is determined to be responsible inr playing a crucial role in supporting one of the cornerstones of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan- Beyond 2020 which is to inculcate ‘Lifelong Learning’. The centre has proactive measures and consistent efforts to develop alternative routes to gain knowledge and increase the participation of working professionals in tandem with UKM vision to become a leading university that pioneers innovation a step ahead of its community and era to create a dynamic, knowledgeable and honorable society.

Various quality faculty programmes with competitive cost offered and conducted by the Center for Shaping Advanced and Professional Education (UKMShape) provide opportunities for private sector executives, public sector officials, teachers and those who work in general to study in a leading national centre of education without leaving their respective jobs.

Finally, I recommend that you seek the most valuable and precious knowledge and experience while studying at UKM and fulfil the responsibility given with full honesty and dedication. This includes safeguarding UKM reputation and supporting its mission and vision. On behalf of the citizens of UKMShape, UKM, God willing, I will always assist you during the duration of your study here.