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Dear all UKMShape students,


In conjuction with UKM's vision to be a cashless campus, please be informed effective 1st November 2022, all payment transaction via the counter will be CASHLESS. Only payment by debit/credit card is accepted through Finance Counter.


Student are encouraged to make payment online through e-kewangan portal; or Flywire; (for international students only).


Dear Students/Customers, We are sorry to inform you that there is a technical problem affecting the debit/credit card payment system at our counter and we have reported this issue to the technical department and it is still in the process of being repaired. For payment we recommend cash payment or online payment, and for information for cash payment it is best to do before 12 noon. We apologize for any inconvenience and we also appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thank you.

  1. Please be informed that our debit card and credit card terminal system will be temporarily unavailable until a date to be announced later.

  2. For matters involving financial counters: -
    1. Fee payment can be made through Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) counters, BIMB ATMs and BIMB Internet Banking.
    2. To check the status of payment or the amount of fees, can be accessed the financial portal at
    3. EPF business is online,

We apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Thank you.

 (Last Update: 20/05/2020)

For All Students,

Student's Finance Information.pdf

| Finance Rules & Regulation for Student​

These general rules are issued as a guideline to students under the Shaping Advanced and Professional Education Center (UKMSHAPE), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM):

  1. International Undergraduate Students
    1. UKMi International Mode
    2. Open & Distance Learning (ODL) mode
  1. International Postgraduate Students
    1. Executive Mode
    2. Full-time Mode
    3. Open & Distance Learning (ODL) mode

This document shall be made as the main reference, with regards to student financial services in UKMSHAPE.

1.1  Study fees package that is charged during their entire course duration, comprise the items below:

    1. Academic Fees;
    2. Examination Fees;
    3. Reading materials including study session modules- if applicable; and
    4. Other fees such as examination fees, computer and science lab fees as well as students’ activities at faculties and universities or any other related fees, deemed applicable by the University

1.2  The amount of fees charged to each student may vary according to the faculty and level of study offered. Students may refer to the fee schedule which is attached to their offer letter. Further information related to study fees are also available in UKMSHAPE official website UKMSHAPE reserves the right to change the fee rate at any time without prior notice to students.

A. UKMi International Undergraduate

2.1  Students may opt to pay their study fees by semesters. This means the total payment of study fee shall be distributed by the number of semesters, as indicated in the offer letter and payable in instalments.

2.2  The instalments mentioned above are outlined in the Table 1. Students are encouraged to contact UKMSHAPE Finance Division for further advise on each payment option offered.


Students shall pay their semester study in full, before enrolling in each semester.


Students shall arrange for semester full payment according to the timeline below:

      1. 40% of the semester study fee BEFORE student's enrolment in each semester not later than two (2) weeks before the date of registration;
      2. 30% of the study fee AFTER student's enrolment in the following month of each semester; and
      3. The remaining 30% of the semester study fee after the second payment in the following month.

2.3  The following conditions are applicable to those who have selected OPTION 2:

      1.  Payment of study fees per semester shall be made within the stipulated timeline in para 2.2 (full payment must be received by the second month of each semester; and
      2. In the event that payment is not received, the implications are as below:

i. will be DISQUALIFIED to register for the semester course;

ii. will be NOT ELIGIBLE to receive reading materials/study modules; and

iii. will be BARRED from obtaining final exam results of the semester.


2.4  The study fee charged to all students includes a Commitment Fee of RM2,000. This fee will not be refunded if the student withdraws from their programme.

Table 1: Choice of method of payment of study fees according to the semester of study

1 Semester 1 and 2 intake 100% of the semester fee Fee has been paid
2 Semester 1 intake (Sept/Oct) 40% of Semester 1 fees in September 30% in October and 30% in the following November in the same calendar year
Semester 2 intake (Feb/Mar) 40% of Semester 2 fees in February 30% in March and 30% in the following April in the same calendar year
  B. International Postgraduate Executive, Full -Time Mode and Open & Distance Learning Mode (ODL).  

2.5  The total study fee has been divided into payments according to the semester of study.

2.6  Students shall pay their semester study in full, before enrolling in each semester.

3.1  Fee refunds are subject to any outstanding balance/arrears in the student account. Depending on eligibility, the approval for a refund shall be made upon recalculation and confirming the final amount. UKMSHAPE reserves the right to withhold the study fees paid if the student withdraws or postpones / is suspended before the end of the study period.

3.2  Refund of fees is subject to the outstanding balance arrears by the student with recalculation and confirmed by the Finance Division of PKP.

3.3  Reimbursement of study fee to students who have withdrawn, suspended or before the end of the study period is subject to the rate determined by the UKMSHAPE as in Table 2 below.

No.DetailsRefundable Rate (%)
1Students withdraw/postpone/dismissed before the lecture week begins100% of the current semester’s tuition fee
2Students withdraw/suspend/ dismissed from studies in the first week (1) to the second week (2) of the semester70% of the current semester’s tuition fee
3Students withdraw/postpone/ dismissed from studies in the third (3) to the sixth (6) week of the semester50% of the current semester’s tuition fee
4Students withdraw/defer/ dismissed from studies after the sixth (6) week of the semesterNO study fee refund for the semester will be refunded.

4.1  Reading materials including study modules will be provided at the UKMSHAPE Book Counter as soon as the study session begins for each semester.

4.2  Reading materials including modules during the current session are subject to availability. Eligible students may claim their reading materials/ study modules during the relevant semester only and it cannot be claimed after the semester is complete. Students are only allowed to study reading material including study session modules within one semester only. UKMSHAPE reserves the right to use the existing stock to replace reading materials including study modules supplied to students.

4.3  Apart from the above, it is also reminded conditions set in para 2.3 (b) (ii) are also applicable before claiming the reading materials/study modules.

4.4  Reading materials including study session modules provided by UKMSHAPE are selected programmes onlyherwise. (No modules are provided for postgraduate and undergraduate students from Faculty of FSSK & FTSM).

4.5  Self-learning materials (ODL mode only) are provided through an online learning platform which is the Learning Management System (LMS).

5.1 Students are subject to various fees and other charges set by the UKMSHAPE during the period of study as shown in Table 3.

5.2 The various fees set by the UKMSHAPE are divided based on the current needs of students as follows:

    1. Study fees;
    2. Miscellaneous fees; and
    3. Fees - other fees

Table 3: Listing of various fees and other charges during the period of study

Course Repeat Fee (because of failure or improving grade) RM100 per credit for Bachelor programs RM200 per credit for Bachelor programs- International students
RM200 per credit for Graduate Diploma programs RM300 per credit for Graduate Diploma - International students
RM300 per credit for Master programs RM600 per credit for Masters - International students
Course Drop out Fees RM50 per course
Course Withdrawal Fees RM100 per course
Project Repeat Fee RM200 per credit Maximum RM1,200
Scientific Paper / Scientific Training Repeat Fee RM100 per credit
Convocation Fee RM180 (Undergraduate)
RM200 (Postgraduate)
Examination Result Review Fee RM50 per course
Review oral exam results RM100
Appeal for Continuing Studies RM100
Special Repeat Examination RM25 per course (Undergraduate)
RM50 per course (Postgraudate)
Replacement Examination RM100 per course
Disciplinary Penalty RM200 maximum per course
Penalty for not registering for a course (online) RM50
Fines for do not make confirmation of course registration RM50
Second Printing of Academic Report / Examination Results / Copy of Payment Receipt / Copy of Offer Letter RM5 per document
Students request original copies of transcripts for personal use RM100 Any other transactions at the UKM Treasurer's Office

- Collect hard copy in UKMSHAPE

- Send by registered mail (domestic)

-RM20/transcript + RM10 (postage)
Students request the original copy of the transcript to be sent directly to the foreign institutions

-Sent by registered mail to foreign institutions

Matric Card Reissuance (lost / damaged / change of faculty / misspelling) RM15 Second print case
RM50 Third and subsequent print cases
Form Processing Fee Application RM50 (Local)
RM100 (International)
Appeal to Continue Studies After being disqualified due to Non-Registration RM100 + RM50 / sem (Undergraduate)
RM200 + RM50 / sem (Postgradute)
Late submission of thesis submission notice RM30
Oral Examination Repeat Rate (Viva Repeat) RM1,000 (Master)
RM1,500 (PhD)
Semester Additional Fees (Thesis/Research/Dissertation) RM1,500 (Local)
RM2,000 (International)
Semester Additional Fees (Coursework) Undergraduate RM100 per unit (Local)
RM150 per unit (International)
 Semester Additional Fee (Coursework) Postgraduate RM900 (Local)
RM1,200 (International)

6.1  For students who pay study fees privately

1Through Bank Islam

a. Islamic Bank Counter

Payment of fees can be made at any Bank Islam payment counter by filling in the Bill Payment Slip provided at the counter. The information that needs to be completed are as follows:

i) Name: as on the identity card
ii)Identity card number: as on the identity card
iii) Pay to: Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan

iv) Type of payment: Study fees

Please keep a copy of the slip as proof of payment.

i)Name::as on the identity card
ii)Identity card number::as on the identity card
iii) Pay to::Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan
iv) Type of payment::Study fees

Please keep a copy of the slip as proof of payment.

b. Bank Islam ATM (Bank Islam account holders only)

Fee payment can be made by:

  4. Save the receipt for reference

c. Internet Banking (Bank Islam account holders only)

Payment can be made by visiting the following website: Follow the following instructions:

  1. Click > BILL PAYMENT
  2. Click on Payee Corporation – choose UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA
  3. Make sure that the matric number appeared on the screen matches the one in the offer letter
  4. Enter the amount to pay by clicking on AMAUN or AMOUNT
  5. Click > BAYAR or PAY
  6. Please print a copy as proof of payment.

d. CDM Bank Islam

  2. Enter> IC or Student Matric No
  5. Enter > AMOUNT TO PAY
  7. Keep receipt for reference
2Credit / Debit Card

Credit/Debit card payments can only be made at PKP at the following times (except on public holidays):

Monday - Thursday8.15am - 12.45pm
2.00pm - 4.45pm
Friday8.15am - 12.00pm
2.45pm - 4.45 pm
Saturday & Sunday10.00am -3.00pm

Payment by credit card can only be made at the finance counter.

3Cheque/ Bank Drafts/ Money Equivalent
  1. Payments by cheque, bank draft and money order should be made payable to


And mailed to the following address:

Pusat Pembentukan Pendidikan Lanjutan dan Profesional
Bangunan Wawasan

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

43600 Bangi

  1. Please write down your name, identity card number and telephone number clearly at the back of the cheque / draft / money order.
  2. Any payments using post-dated cheque are NOT ALLOWED. If the cheque bounces for any reason, including technical reason or insufficient bank balance, the student involved will be blacklisted.
  3. Students are NOT ALLOWED to make any payment using personal cheque.
4Paying from Overseas

For students who want to make payment from overseas, payment can be made through Flywire.


Go to and select which payment you are looking to make, by clicking on the ‘Make a Payment’ button, then enter your country of origin and payment amount in Malaysian Ringgit.


Review the payment options provided, and select your preferred method. Options may include bank transfer, debit/credit card in your home currency, electronic payment, or other local options.


Enter some basic information to initiate your payment. The information will be included with your payment for easy identification by UKMShape.


Follow the instructions provided to send funds to FLYWIRE via your selected method.

BANK TRANSFERS: Follow the instructions provided to send your funds. Depending on your bank, payment may be made online, in person, or over the phone.

DEBIT/CREDIT CARD : Enter your card details online to complete your payment in your home currency.

Note: Additional local payment options may be available depending on your country of origin


Receive email and text update each step of the way, including a confirmation when your payment has been delivered. You can also create FLYWIRE account to track your payment online 24/7.

5Telegraphic Transfer/Online Banking

Payment can be made by online internet banking by payment transfer. Payment information is as follows:

 Name of Recipient Bank:CIMB BANK BERHAD
 Address of Bank:8002233817
 Account No:




 Swift Code:CIBBMYKL

Proof of payment must be emailed to along with student information. Failure to submit proof of payment will result in the student's financial status not being updated.



  1. For students who have two (2) or more matric numbers (due to continuing their studies at PKP or previously studying full -time at UKM), please state the latest matric number in the bill payment slip when making payment at Bank Islam/Bank Islam internet banking.
  2. All payments through Bank Islam will take a period of 3 working days for the student account update process.

6.2  Study fees through sponsorship and study loans.

1Submission of Scholarship/Loan Offer LetterStudents who receive scholarships or loans shall submit to the UKMSHAPE (scholarship/loan agreement letter) to facilitate the handling of study fee claims by the PKP to the sponsor or lender.


  1. Any delay in submitting the offer letter to PKP will result in a delay in making a claim on the sponsor's.
  2. A student’s activities will be blocked if the sponsors are unable to settle the claim within the timeframe.

7.1  PKP will issue official receipts for payments made by students. Students are required to keep the original receipt of study fees for their own record and reference purposes.

7.2 Students are able to check the status of study fee payments or various payments that have been made through the official e-finance portal of UKM at the address

7.3  Any correspondence and inquiries from students can be submitted to:


Finance Department
Pusat Pembentukan Pendidikan Lanjutan & Professional (UKMSHAPE)
Aras 2, Bangunan Wawasan
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi Selangor

No. Telefon : 03 8921 3366/8921 4196/8921 3997/8921 3886/8921 5377
No. Fax : 03 89269182
Emel :
Facebook :


  • Please provide full name and matric number when submitting an enquiry to UKMSHAPE finance Department.