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| Student Welfare

This matter is subject to the Student Welfare Fund Scheme (STKP), UKMShape. This scheme is applicable to all registered UKMShape students under the Executive and Distance Learning Continuous Program (PBJJ) only. For UKMShape students registered under the UKM International program, please refer to SISWA-UKM for further information.
This scheme has been established to safeguard the welfare of UKMShape students facing difficulties and adversities. The matters covered under this scheme include the following:
1.Death of a Student
2.Death of a Student’s Mother/Father/Guardian
3.Death of a Student’s Child
4.Death of a Student’s Spouse
5.Death of a Student’s Siblings
6.Natural Disaster Consequences
7.Consequences of Theft
8.Consequences of Accidents
9.Chronic Illness Treatment
10.Medical Equipment

[IMPORTANT] Any student wishing to apply for assistance from STKP must fill out the online form. 

All feedback will be communicated directly to students/heir via email. Please make sure the email account written in the application form is active.
Please ensure that the email account provided in the application form is active. For further information, the welfare unit can be contacted via email at