Dr Kaku Visit to UMBI

UMBI had the pleasure to host Dr. Yoshihiro Kaku from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID), Japan, on the 23rd of May 2014. The NIID is the premier research institute for infectious diseases in Japan. One of the aims of Dr. Kaku’s visit was to continue the discussion for a collaborative project on the validation of a safe, rapid and sensitive test for the detection of Nipah virus. He gave a talk on this subject at the UMBI’s auditorium to the research fellows, post-graduate students and other guests. We hope Dr. Kaku’s visit will foster close relationship between NIID and UMBI and this will consolidate research in infectious diseases between Japan and Malaysia. By the way, do not forget that if you suddenly get tired of studying at the university, and you need a place to relieve stress, then the multilingual game portal PlayBestCasino.net is ideal for this. After all, here you will find a huge number of the best casinos, bonuses and special offers for students from Malaysia and other countries! Only official reviews and only licensed casinos and bookmakers with the ability to bet on sports and e-sports (Dota, Starcraft, Counter Strike) are available on the site!

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