UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute

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– Our History

In 26 September 2002, during the Senate Meeting, the UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI) was principally founded as one of the Centre of Excellent in UKM. UMBI was officially formed in July 2003 with the operating budget of RM25,000.00. The noble mission of UMBI is to be competitive and achieve excellence in molecular medicine by utilizing all available resources, potential and expertise, by adopting and developing the latest technologies, and by conducting cutting edge and world class research. Besides aiming to provide the most conducive place and the ideal environment to do research in molecular medicine, the institute will also offer postgraduate training in MSc. and PhD degrees in this field, as well as postdoctoral fellowships.

Professor Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal was appointed as the director with the assistant of one principal and two research fellows. Our research in molecular medicine focuses on fundamental, applied, experimental and developmental with four niche areas which are operational including Cancer Research, Molecular Basis of Diseases, Tissue Engineering and Metabolism & Antioxidants with a total of 8.5 million grants. The core laboratories that have been set up are the Genomic Laboratories and Cancer Genetics Research Laboratories, equipped with basic instruments such as ABI3100 DNA sequencer, DHPLC, PCR machines and Q-PCR machine. UMBI has now become one of the leading research institutes in molecular medicine where in July 2009, the Ministry of Higher Education has recognized UMBI as a Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE). At the national level UMBI has conducted several projects including the Space Project, The Malaysian Cohort, Epigenome project and recently MYGenome. The number of research fellows has increased as well as the post-graduate students. Started with RM25,000 from the UKM, UMBI has now acquired assets more than RM20 million. Facilities and infrastructures have been expanded with 9 operating laboratories including genomic, cell culture, proteomic, sequencing, HPLC, DHPLC and LCM, microarray, RNA and infectious disease laboratory.

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