UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute

 Leading Institute in Molecular Medicine

– Guidelines for Supervisors & Students

Guidelines for Supervisor

  • Recognise the teaching of students as part of their professional obligation.
  • Become an active mentor and allocate time for each student.
  • Impart knowledge and train each student to become a well-trained research scientist.
  • Recognise the student’s rights to be part of the professional team..
  • Be sensitive to the student’s requirements and needs.
  • Recognise the student’s level of knowledge and experience.
  • Give constructive feedback in a manner which will improve the student’s performance.
  • Avoid giving any criticism which is demeaning, belittling, discourteous, of a personal nature or is not given in a way which will enable the student to improve his/her performance.
  • Discuss with the Postgraduate Committee any serious concerns about a student’s performance and professional capability.
  • Recognise that any form of harassment is unacceptable in UMBI.

Guidelines for Student

  • Develop a sense of belonging to UMBI and uphold UMBI’s values.
  • Learn to be a scientist and not a high level technician.
  • Read at least one journal paper a day and learn how to do a journal assessment and critique.
  • Learn the art of communication and be able to present research findings in an interesting way.
  • Learn to write manuscripts and be meticulous not only in terms of the scientific content but also grammar, spelling and syntax.
  • Be punctual at scheduled journal club meetings or daily research activities, and notify the supervisor or staff member to inform and explain any non-attendance.
  • Display a standard of behaviour and presentation which demonstrates a respect for the patient when collecting clinical samples or data.
  • Show courtesy in dealing with all levels of staff and fellow students.
  • Recognise the other legitimate demands on the teaching staff’s time.
  • Student must follow the UKM regulations and guide when writing their theses (Graduate Studies).
  • Students should adhere to the Good Research Practices, Good Laboratory Practices and also ethical guidelines provided and taught at UMBI.
  • Students should take ownership of their writing of the thesis so that their thesis will be of a quality that meets the standard set by the institute
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