– Vision, Mission and Strategies

To be the leading institute in molecular medicine and achieve global recognition and excellence

To be an excellent research institute by conducting basic, applied and translational research to improve health via personalised medicine


  • To conduct multi-disciplinary research with international collaboration
  • To produce high quality post-graduates with skills ready for the industry
  • To offer training in basic and advance techniques of molecular medicine
  • To develop key resources and infrastructure for research, services and training
  • To provide stewardship for national research projects
  • To generate income through services and training courses
  • To maintain the status of higher institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE)


  • To bid and secure national and international research grants
  • To establish active and functional research linkages at the national and international level
  • To recruit the best of candidates for post-graduate training
  • To consolidate the post-graduate programme through continuous professional development activities
  • To maximise research output via publications, patents and products
  • To provide opportunities for staff to undergo further training for career advancement
  • To continuously develop well-equipped research infrastructure
  • To obtain accreditation of key research laboratories
  • To actively seek and maintain smart partnership with industry
  • To fulfill the role as a higher institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE)
  • To develop courses and provide services to generate income