UKM Sustainability Policy 2030

As a leading university with a global mission and vision, UKM is ready to shoulder the responsibility towards creating a more sustainable future. Therefore, UKM embraces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda formulated by the United Nations (UN) as a universal roadmap for the advancement of the university and all its citizens, which comprising staff and students, and is committed to integrating SDG principles into every activity and core process of university life.

With unwavering determination and spirit of cooperation, UKM implements the following commitments, as a testament to our dedication to each of the 17 SDGs:

Icon SDG 2Description 2
UKM ensures access to basic life resources, livelihoods, and social support is provided to its citizens regardless of race, religion, or gender.
UKM embraces diversity, supports justice, and collaborates to bridge societal gaps, empowering communities where all citizens can thrive.
UKM ensures food security for its citizens through the implementation of intervention programs to reduce hunger rates among its citizens, promote sustainable agriculture on campus, and encourage healthy eating practices.
UKM leverages its campuses to serve as models for sustainable urban planning, through effective waste management and green infrastructure development.
UKM prioritizes mental and physical well-being by offering accessible services, promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities, and conducting awareness programs on public health to its citizens.
UKM is committed to addressing SDG 12 challenges through responsible procurement policies, promoting resource efficiency in energy and water usage, and educating the community on sustainable practices.
UKM integrates sustainability principles into the curriculum and offers specialized courses and workshops on SDGs, as well as providing educational programs in various SDG fields for everyone, including non-UKM citizens.
UKM is committed to realizing the Zero Carbon Campus 2050 by efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation strategies, and climate research for a sustainable university future.
UKM promotes equality within the university organization from policies to research, and empowers women through education and community outreach programs.
UKM endeavours to protect underwater biodiversity by promoting sustainable underwater life conservation to the university community, supporting marine conservation research, and advocating for policy changes.
UKM strives to enhance water conservation initiatives, improve wastewater treatment, and conduct water management studies to protect water resources.
UKM ensures the well-being of natural ecosystems by conserving and restoring campus ecosystems, raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity, and conducting ecological research.
UKM is committed to achieving 100% renewable energy use by 2050, through transitioning to renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency measures, and researching future technologies.
UKM fosters security, advocates for human rights, and strengthens university governance as the foundation for justice and equality in managing university activities and core processes.
UKM enhances employment opportunities and practices safe and healthy protocols to create a conducive work environment.
UKM collectively accelerates progress towards a sustainable future for all through collaboration with various partners, knowledge sharing, and engagement in joint research.
UKM is committed to advancing the university through sustainable infrastructure development, cutting-edge research innovation, and partnerships with industry leaders.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

*This policy has been approved on 4 April 2024, in UKM’s University Management Meeting (MPU)