KPJHB-UKM: High Impact Research Workshop: The Systematic Approach

Streamlining the Research Process


Date: 16 & 17 March 2021

Venue: Google Meet


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim
Deputy Dean (Research)
UKM-Graduate School of Business
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Many people struggle with research not only because of its inherent complexities but also because it requires the approval of others, mainly supervisors and panel examiners. In fact, the first phase of academic research – which is to develop a Research Proposal – is often associated with incompetence and deficiencies. Consequently, a great deal of exciting topics gets crushed by deafening voices in Proposal Defence sessions or instantaneously rejected by Research Grant assessors. This is a problem that our 2-day Workshop aims to address. Introducing the “Systematic Research Approach”, the latest research technique that will enable you to master the essentials of high-quality scholarly research in just a few days. This innovatively-designed research workshop will engage participants through a simplified and hands-on roadmap of activities irrespective of your level of research knowledge or experience. This workshop is ideal for individuals who are keen about research, particularly those who want to know how to develop an exceptional research proposal that will grab the attention of supervisors and reviewers.