KPJHB-UKM Webinar – Healthcare Service Quality Management


Healthcare Service Quality Management

Date: 25th November 2021
Time: Thursday, 09:00AM – 12:00 PM
Venue: Cisco Webex

Name: Dr. Mazzlida Mat Deli
Contact: +60 13 272 5590

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Healthcare Service Quality Management (HSQM) evolved from the basis of manufacturing and the automotive management of quality. For more than 5 decades of maturity, it has undergone robust implementation of strategies to meet higher customer satisfaction. With the spread of customer’s knowledge of the perceived care in health, managing their expectation has become uncertain, and yet interesting to explore. Challenges that complimented with the innovation and continuous quality improvement activity constantly aimed to promote a higher quality of hospital service. Covid 19 pandemic had widened the implementation scope of healthcare quality that shall not be limited to clinical but to balance on the need to improve the ancillary service. It needs more Value-Added Activities to promote quality service deliverables to the customer. Framing what is right, and appropriate however is researchable. This webinar will present the challenges in healthcare quality, quality innovation during the pandemic, and the improvement needs on the current quality improvement initiative. It is aimed to provide sharing of the speaker’s more than 15 years of observation and experience from a Male-Nurse to the field practitioner of Healthcare Quality, Productivity, and Project Management.