CEO & Principal Advisor EZAZ Wealth Management
Founder #DIY360, #SMARTSAHAM, #TheSophisticatedInvestor group


10 years after university days, and 5 years struggling as an entrepreneur, I decided to go back to school. My intentions and goals were; Firstly, to validate my business knowledge and learn new stuff and secondly, to solidify and strengthen my finance skills and knowledge. Thus I started my journey looking around for the best MBA schools in Malaysia. I initially considered two other Universities, however when I was just about to register I then encountered UKM GSB. I chose UKM GSB for three main reasons. Firstly, the one year full time course suits me well. I guess I wouldn’t want to suffer more than one year in the classrooms but one year, I guess I could give it try. Secondly, yes, MODULAR. I love MODULAR concept. You finish one by one, not cramping everything at the end of the semester. I love it. Thirdly, oh yes, I am very much involved in financial sectors especially stock investment and trading. I have read a book by Prof Othman Yong, so I wanted to meet with him and learn under him if possible. Yeah, dream came true. My memory with UKM GSB was awesome. We had joys and enjoys working together. There were always setbacks and challenges but we managed to overcome. Small matter lah. I would like to point out a few advantages of taking MBA in UKM GSB. Of course, firstly, it is modular. Modular is awesome. Secondly, the leadership class and CEO sessions, this is a very good program preparing students to be future CEOs. Thirdly, yes, a very sporting, selfie-loving Dean haha I would recommend to those who are thinking of pursuing MBA, please enroll with UKM GSB. They will be getting a new, modern City Campus in KL too, very soon. For sure, I will only recommend UKM GSB to my fellow networks and contacts.