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Prof. Dr. Norzalita Abd Aziz

Professor of Marketing


Norzalita Aziz continues her career at UKM after 6 years of corporate experience in marketing and corporate communication in a multifaceted conglomerate involved in education, finance, hospitality and manufacturing. She was a visiting consultant in Sultan Qaboos University and German University of Technology from September 2014 until June 2015. She now serves as an Professor or Marketing in Graduate School of Business and was an associate fellow member for Entrepreneurship & SMEs Development Centre (CESMED) as well as The Institute for Sustainable Environment & Development (LESTARI). Prior to that, Dr. Norzalita hold an administrative post as a Director of Corporate Communication and Marketing at the University level. Her teaching and corporate experience has shaped and been shaped by her research interests. Thus, her scholarly interests range widely, from services marketing especially in tourism and hospitality services, electronic marketing, consumer behavior and entrepreneurship. Her research publication have appeared in several journals such as Journal of Business, Economic & Management, Jurnal Pengurusan, Asian Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Tourism History, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics, Asian Journal of Business & Accounting, ASEAN Journal on Hospitality and Tourism.
Prof. Dr. Norzalita Abd Aziz


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Services Marketing: Tourism & Hospitality Marketing, Consumer Behaviour Analysis, Entrepreneurial Marketing, e-Marketing


Marketing Management, Services Marketing & Strategy, Consumer Behaviour Analysis, Literature Review, Services Theory & Strategic, International Marketing, New Product Development, Hospitality Marketing: Theory & Research, International Marketing: Theory & Research