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Prof. Dr. Ahmad Azmi Mohd Ariffin

Professor of Marketing


Ahmad Azmi Mohd. Ariffin (Dr.) is an Professor at UKM-Graduate School of Business. His research interests are in the areas of Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, as well as Services Marketing. He received his PhD from University of Malaya in 2006 and Master of Business Admininistration from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. His research publications have appeared in journals such as Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, International Journal of Event Management, ASEAN Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, and International Journal of Management Studies. Ahmad Azmi is also the author of “Meetings Tourism”, a research book published by VDM Verlag.


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Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Services Marketing, Tourists Behavior, Airlines/Hotels/Destinations Studies


Strategic Marketing, Hospitality Marketing Theory and Research, Services Marketing