Top MBA Student Class of 2016
Pharmacist, Ministry of Health Malaysia


My years as an MBA student in UKM-GSB were very rewarding. As a pharmacist working in the government sector, my knowledge in investment, finance and economics was limited. The MBA course in UKM-GSB has given me new insights on investment decision and on the analysis of macro-economics. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about new disciplines such as marketing management, organisational management, operational management, strategic management and management of information system, which were very different from what I have been doing in the previous years as a pharmacist. We were also given ample opportunity, skill and guidance to help us practice and fine tune our presentation skills. Additionally, the class was conducive to facilitate rich, flexible and open-minded interaction among students and lecturers when discussing practical case studies. I benefited greatly from the education given and now I realise that there is so much more I can do after graduating from UKM-GSB. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and profound thanks for being given the privilege of graduating from UKM-GSB.