Full-time MBA program alumnus, graduated in 2014
Teaching Supervisor, Meten English Group (Chengdu)
Former Business Manager, Anton Oilfield Services Group (Bogotá)


Studying at UKM-GSB has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me. Not only did it broaden my international horizon due to GSB’s multicultural, open and dynamic atmosphere, but also it empowered me to transform my career to higher management role because of the commitment of GSB to provide the highest standard of education in the region. GSB offers fantastic courses, seminars and workshops to help its students to be well-prepared with theories and practices for future business world. Besides, all professors are always seeking out innovative initiatives to make their lectures interesting and thought-provoking, which lays a solid foundation to achieve greater success in both of personal and professional lives for students. After my graduation, I managed to seize a job opportunity in South America as business manager. Without studying at GSB, I don’t think all these would ever happen to me. I really appreciate my study experience at GSB, therefore I highly recommend GSB to those who are striving for excellence and perfection.