About Us

TheΒ Earth Observation Centre (EOC)Β is a centre of excellence under the Institute of Climate Change. The main focus is conducts research on the impacts of global change through the application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS). This centre pools researchers from the various fields such as social sciences, engineering, science and technology, geology and biological.

EOC takes an interdisciplinary approach to geography, linking several disciplines involving both social sciences and biophysical science. Members of EOC have been successful in obtaining international and national grants to conduct research in Southeast Asia on such issues such as Land Use and Land Cover Change in Malaysia, Forest Cover Change and Forest Assessment and Management in Southeast Asia, Deforestation and Missing Sink for Carbon, Sediment Plume in Selangor and Tropical Forest Assessment and Management. The University programmes that use RS / GIS laboratories at EOC include geography, engineering, geology, marine science, environmental science, hydrology and conservation biology.

EOC uses Satellite Remote Sensing methodsΒ  as a tool to monitor global variability such as:

Dynamic of Land use Change
Deforestation and Degradation
Vegetation dynamism
Water condition
Atmospheric pollution
Desertification process

EOC takes an interdisciplinary approach to geography,
linking several disciplines involving both social
sciences and biophysical sciences

Previous Project/Research


No. Project Name Funder
1. Carbon Loss Assessment from Tropical Forest Degradation Caused by Selective LoggingΒ Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery Ministry of Higher Education
2. Assessing Impact of Forest Degradation and Forest Change Caused by Selective Logging Using High Resolution Satellite Image and UAV Multispectral Ministry of Higher Education
3. Identification of Degradation Areas in the State of Perak and Kedah Through Geospatial Imagery Database Yayasan Hasanah
4. Program Data Alam Sekitar Dept of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment
5. National Coastal Erosion Study For Malaysia Department of Irrigation and Drainage
6. Physical Impacts of Sea Level Rise Due to the Changes in Coastal and Climate Systems Ministry of Higher Education
7. The Integrated Shoreline Management Plan For The West Coast Of Johor Department of Irrigation and Drainage
8. Shoreline Management for Iskandar Malaysia IRDA
9. Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (Deia) For The Proposed Construction Of New Townships Nusajaya West (Gerbang Nusajaya), Johor UEM Land Sdn Bhd
10. Analisis Perubahan Garis Pantai Menggunakan Imej Satelit Dr. Nik & Associates Sdn. Bhd
11. Environmental Master Plan Nusajaya UEM Land Berhad
12. Development of a comprehensive Marine Energy Atlas for Malaysia MOSTI
13. Deforestation and Impact On The Environment in The Iskandar Development Region, Mukim Pulai, Bandar Nusajaya, Daerah Johor Bahru UEM Land Sdn Bhd
14. Provision Of Consultant Services In Relation To South Johor Economic Region (SJER) Khazanah Nasional Berhad

Research Output

  • Baseline study in biodiversity
  • A geo-database for mangrove/ forest biodiversity (flora and fauna) that is accessible to various stakeholders.
  • An online mangrove/forest distribution and spatial analysis for authorities.
  • Mangrove/forest conservation outreach and awareness programme supported by web-based database that is also sustained by continuing activities and management policies.

Technical Capabilities