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Academic Calendar / Kalendar Akademik 2023/2024
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Rules and Regulations (Postgraduate Studies) /Β Peraturan-peraturan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Pengajian Siswazah)Β (2021) EnglishΒ /Β Malay
Postgraduate Programme Guidebook/Panduan Siswazah IPI English
Guidelines for Postgraduate Students’ Supervision /Β Garis Panduan Penyeliaan Pelajar SiswazahΒ (2021) Malay
Guidelines for Complaints of Misconduct in Graduate Studies/Garis Panduan Aduan Salah Laku Pengajian Siswazah Malay
Guidelines for Conducting Oral Examination for Dissertation/Thesis (2021)/ Garis Panduan Pengendalian Peperiksaan Lisan Disertasi/Tesis English/Malay


  1. Letter of Undertaking

Flow Chart of Attending Conference and Activity Inside or Outside UKM

UKM Thesis Writing Guideline Β 
eBook Melayu
English eBook English


Template Gaya UKM Β 
Microsoft Word LaTex
Bahasa Melayu UKM Style LaTeX
English Β 
Β  Β 
Reference Manager Β 
Mendeley Β 
Manual Mendeley

This e-book and template is intended as a reference and guide to facilitate students in writing a thesis according to the UKM Style writing format.

Students are not allowed to upload or republish any information in this e-book and template on any electronic, print, or any type of audio or video.

Students are also not allowed to change the contents of this e-book.

Source: UKM Graduate Centre

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