Outstanding Balance

  1. Graduands must ensure all outstanding debts such as tuition fees, accommodation fees, library fines and traffic summons are settled before being allowed to collect the gown for the convocation ceremony.

  2. Graduands can check debt status in Portal E-Kewangan. Please email ukpbendahari@ukm.edu.my (Student Financial Division) for any inquiries or further details.

  3. For PTSL, graduands can check the debt status through http://gemilang.ukm.my/. Kindly refer to the Library Book Returning and Fine Payment Guide.

  4. For traffic summons, please check via https://ewarga.ukm.my/trafik.

  5. All outstanding debts must be cleared by 8th November 2023 (traffic summons, tuition fees and accommodation fees) and 13th November 2023 (PTSL).

  6. For Executive Program / Long Distance Program graduands (UKMShape, the debt can be viewed through Portal E-Kewangan (https://ekewangan.ukm.my) or contact the UKMShape Finance Unit at 03-8927 2108/ 2109/ 2133 atau email accshape@ukm.edu.my.