Returning of The Convocation Gown

1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic is still actively occurred in our country, the gown returning process will only be carried out by appointment basis. Kindly fill in the Return of Gown Appointment Form to obtain the details of appointment.
Level of StudyAppointment for returning of Convocation Gown
Postgraduates (PhD, Master & Postgraduate Diploma)
Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree)
2. Convocation gown can be returned starting 3rd April 2021 (Saturday, 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm) and latest by 18th April 2021 (Sunday) at Dewan Tun Abdullah Mohd Salleh (DTAMS).
3. There will be a fine of RM50.00 for late returning gown starting 19th April 2021 (Monday), and additional RM10.00 for any subsequent day after, (up to a maximum fine RM1,000.00).  Application to reduce the amount will not be entertain.
4. For gown’s returned AFTER 18th April 2021, the gown’s has to be returned to Center for Academic Management. For undergraduates at Level G counter and for post-graduates at Level 6 counter. Late Return Fee has to be paid first via Portal e-Kewangan (Bayaran Tanpa Invois>Kategori:Konvokesyen>Bayaran Denda Lewat Pulang Jubah) before returning the robe and collecting the scroll.
5. Gown and mortarboard must be returned in good condition.
6. When returning gown:
  • The gown and mortar board are not required to be cleaned / washed. However, must returned together with the hanger provided during the collection of gown); and
  • Graduand are required to proof that have filled up the Health Declaration Form (HDF).