Encouraging Soft Skills And Cycling Among Students

By Vinoothene Chandrasekaran
Pix Abd Ra’ai Osman

BANGI,  1 March 2016 – A programme to encourage students of The National University of Malaysia (UKM)  to cycle in campus as well as to hone their entrepreneurial and soft skills,  has been inaugurated.

For sponsors of the program Kayuhan Amal dan Sihat 6 (KASIH 6), it’s the opportunity for students of UKM not only to improve their physical fitness, but also to make them more employable in the future.

“ The reason we are collaborating with this programme is to help out students in terms for them to learn about entrepreneurship in which they are given exposure on practical skills, learning to open up business as well as capitalizing on opportunities,” said  Mashor Hussin, Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber of Commerce, one of the main sponsors for this programme, at the launch here on 27 Feb.

Mashor said  KASIH 6 is a programme to help participants  to be more physical by  encouraging them to use bicycle as an active transport to reduce the usage of motor vehicles that spew  out carbon monoxide.

Another major sponsor Bank Rakyat has similar views on student development.

“KASIH 6 is held not only to encourage students or staff of UKM in the cycling culture  but also for them to enhance themselves in soft skills because most students, when it comes to working, lack the necessary skills, said Mohd Mukthi Abd Rahman, Manager for Corporate Department (Education and Community) of the Bank Rakyat Foundation.

Another sponsor found that this programme is important in creating awareness  that students do play an important role when in the development of the  community.

“ I support this activity as it’s important for people out there to know the roles of students and their responsibility in helping the community,” said Juridah binti Hj. Saimin, Manager of Einas Boutique.

As for encouraging the cycling culture among the UKM community, UNIKEB, in collaboration with Cyclomotion, launched the 1 UKM Bicycle Scheme for all staff, students and alumi of UKM.

About 37 entities helped out by sponsoring this programme which will be launched on 5 March.ukmnewsportal-eg