ROTU Members Have An Advantage Over Other Students

ROTU Members Have An Advantage Over Other StudentsBy Raai Osman
Pix Raai Osman

BANGi, 18 February 2015 – Undergraduates who joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTU) have an advantage over their colleagues as their military experience allows them to excel in whatever career they choose upon graduation.

UKM Vice Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali expressed pride over their achievements when visiting their training camp at Mempaga, Bentong, Pahang recently after the conclusion of their annual defence games.

Prof Noor Azlan, as the UKM PALAPES Commander, said joining the corps was a wise move which had benefitted them during their long vacation by taking part in the vigorous programmes of their annual camp.

USIM Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Musa Ahmad and UKM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs) Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Reza Atiq Abdullah OK Rahmat also participated together with over 100 cadets during the six day training at the end of January.

Basic, intermediate and advanced level trainings were held simultaneously with the cadets taking part in various manoeuvres such as training in the forests around Mempaga, ambush for intermediate-level training, exercises to build fortifications and defence of Bukit Mempaga.

Prof Noor Azlan said cadets who took part in the training can turn out to be outstanding individuals.

Such exercises cannot be obtained in lecture halls, he said with the hope that they can relate their experiences during their training stint to other students.

Cadet officer Mohd Akhmal Mohd Reza expressed confidence with the training he had undergone during the three years being a ROTU member. He is now in the advanced stage.

“In the beginning upon joining ROTU, I could barely face the training. But with perseverance I am now able to continue until the end,” saying that the training had instilled discipline among them.

A female cadet officer studying the Quran and Sunah at UKM’s Faculty of Islamic Studies, Norashikin Mohd Taib said the ROTU training had enabled her to be better disciplined and to be prompt with her studies.

The training enabled her to follow instructions when given  assignments by lecturers.

Basic training for Junior cadets include ambushing the enemy in the jungle, ‘war against guerrillas’ and five days of jungle camping.

For intermediate-level cadets, the exercises included forced march, ambush, counterattack, and counter-attack on defensive hill posts. While the advanced level cadets were trained to build a fort, setting up lines of communications and defending their fort from assaults.