Universities Need To Generate Their Own Income – Prof Chang Ching-Ray

By Nadia Sapuan
Pictures by Abd Raai Osman

BANGI, 21 March 2017 – The increasingly challenging economic conditions have made it challenging for Universities to obtain the necessary funds and consequently have to generate their own income, said National Taiwan University (NTU) Deputy Executive Director of Administrative Affairs, Prof Chang Ching-Ray.

In his lecture titled Building Strong Industry-Academia Collaborations For Greater Funding and Less Tuition Fee-Dependent in Global Talk Series Programme, organized by the International Relations Centre, UKM, Prof Chang said that NTU is the only university in Taiwan, which has its endowment fund and is authorized to self-managing and self-operation.

He also shared some of the initiatives that NTU used to increase their income, one of which is by increasing investments in profitable businesses.

Meanwhile, UKM Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Industry and Community Partnership, Prof Dato’ Dr Imran Ho Abdullah said as the landscape is changing, higher education is being shaped by globalisation and students now have an increasing demand and expectations of their educational experience.

“We need to be proactive, creative and stay focused to overcome these challenges,” he said.

He said UKM should take good examples from other universities, especially in financial management of administration, learning and teaching.