VC Urges UKM Community To Emulate Alumni

By Engku Shariful Azni
Pix Raai Osman, Shahiddan Saidi, Izwan Azman

BANGI, 3 Mar 2016 – UKM, in its 46 years of inception, has produced many illustrious alumni who made enormous contributions to help develop Malaysia.

These includes ambassadors, academicians, scientists, researchers, CEOs, and influential people in various fields whose knowledge and expertise played a significant role in enriching the country’s progress.

In his inspiring talk during Bicara Perdana Naib Canselor, Vice Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali encouraged the UKM community to emulate the alumni and further raise UKM’s eminence.

Six Key Result Area (KRA) were identified to facilitate the process with each KRAs outlining strategies that should be achieved by faculties and institutes. The KRAs encompasses various concerns such as graduates, research and innovation, strategic partnerships, knowledge and the workforce.

The event also witnessed the launch of UKM’s Corporate Video by Prof Datuk Noor Azlan.ukmnewsportal-eg