Success Of UKM’s Weight Loss Programme


By Saiful Bahri Kamaruddin
Pix Ikhwan Hashim

PUTRAJAYA, 1 December 2014 – More than 85% of the 56 participants at a weight-loss programme co-organised by The National University of Malaysia (UKM) and Putrajaya Corporation succeeded in becoming among the biggest “losers” at the university’s Slim Shape Programme.

Head of the programme Prof Madya Dr Zahara Abdul Manaf from the Dietetics Programme of UKM’s Health Sciences Faculty said the participants managed to slim down by between 0.3 to 27.6 kg for an average of loss of 4.7 kg.

In addition 81% of the participants who had high blood pressure managed to register normal readings after completing the course.

The ‘Slim Shape’ Putrajaya 2014 programme, short for slim with structured health activity, and eating programme, was to assist participants to lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The programme was carried out over six months with emphasis on diet, exercise, psychology and medicine. Researchers consisted of dietitians, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and physicians who were on hand to help the participants.

Other results included:

+ 27% of partcipants reduced their waistline to normal levels,

+ 76% of participants with high tri-glyceride levels before the programme, substantially reduced their readings after it,

+ More than half of participants who had issues with blood glucose and cholesterol levels showed significant improvements.

Three female participants were expecting and would soon have babies after losing at least 10% of their original weight.

Dr Zahara said the main objective of “Slimshape Putrajaya” is to get employees of Putrajaya Corp, Putrajaya residents, civil servants, private sector staff and others in the nation’s capital who were concerned with being overweight, to lose weight.

“A person can improve his looks and personality by reaching his ideal weight,’ she said.

Senior Vice President (Corporate Services), Putrajaya Corp Datuk Muhammad Haitamin bin Ishak officiated the closing ceremony of the programme. Also present were Prof Dr Imran Ho Abdullah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Relations) UKM.